Saturday, January 21, 2017

Let us READ

So for the first time since 2010, I'm attempting to read/listen through the entire Bible in a year. I've also compiled a list of 30+ books I hope to read (picture & board books excluded!)
(...did I mention I have a nursing baby, a toddler who desperately needs potty-trained, and a sweetie in pre-K?)

I tend to be an over-achiever --so I've taken the month of January to pray about realistic goals.  Hopefully I'll find some sort of balance in this crazy wonderful life! Time permitting, I might even get a few more updates posted on here! [grin]

Anyone else reading the entire Bible this year? 
And what other books are on your reading list?


Lisa B said...

I have set a goal of reading the Bible in a year. Are you reading it starting in Genesis all the way through Revelation? Or are you following a reading plan? I also have several books that I want to read. I really enjoy Christian fiction, especially the Amish stories. Congratulations on the birth of your precious little boy! You have such a beautiful family!

Susan Schmidt said...

I am trying to read through the Bible this year as well. Other books I'm hoping to read this year are Uninvited by Lysa Terkurst, which I got about half way through before needing to return it to the library (not getting through books very fast these days!), Different and The Life Giving Home, both by Sally Clarkson and Under Our Skin by Benjamin Watson.
I'd love to hear about what is on your reading list!