Friday, February 05, 2016


Some days are crazy and hectic and my patience is pushed to the limit and I find myself watching the clock, just wa-a-a-aiting until its time for the littles to be tucked into their beds. Later when I kiss them before heading to my bed, I find myself just watching them sleep, savoring their sweet littles faces and loving them oh, so much! and I get all excited and thankful that we get to do tomorrow together, too. 

Upon discovering that Caden missing from his bed, 
I turned to find this sweet moment: he fell asleep in his big sister's bed!

"Cheers to the mama you once were 
and the mama you are yet to be. 
Cheers to loving your babies well 
and doing the best you can. 
You were made for this, and so were they." 
A. Newberry


Aaron and Naomi said...

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Arianna's blanket is soooo cute? Where did you get it?