Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Caden James

Two years old already.
And such a busy little adventurer.

He's happiest when he's eating or imitating Daddy. Whether its trying on Daddy's hat, wearing slippers that swim on his feet, taking his little Bible to church, playing guitar, or even putting his hands in his pockets, he very carefully watches his Dad and does his best to copy him.

Oh Caden, I pray that as you grow in knowledge and understanding that you will pursue imitating Christ with the same energy and adoration.
Your daddy is a very amazing role model in the meantime!

This was the face he gave me when I said "smile Caden!"

Then there is his love for music and this guitar.
He got it for Christmas and it has quickly become a favorite.

I love the way he's quick to giggle upon hearing Daddy say his name while praying, the way he sits at the table and says "eat eat eat eat eat" when he's hungry  (one of his few words!)
and the way he simply gives a thumbs up when asked if he slept well makes me laugh every time.

Those EYES.

We love you, sweet boy!
Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, precious Caden! You are such a treasure!!

Jessica said...

So cute!

Unknown said...

Such an adorable boy!

Caravan Sonnet said...

Oh my goodness- could he be any cuter?!??! Happy Birthday to your adorable son!!

:) Rebecca