Thursday, February 19, 2015

Toddler approved

These long, cold, snowy days seem endless. Ari keeps asking: "can I go out and ride my trike now?" One of these days I'll be able to say yes, but until then I'm always looking for ways to keep her busy indoors.

Stamps and play dough!

She loves using ink pads and paper, too, it just takes a little more oversight with a two year old!

Ari is already a huge play dough fan, so this was a fun, new activity that she enjoys, too. 

What are your favorite ways to play indoors with littles during the long winters?


Caravan Sonnet said...

When I saw you post this on instagram I thought it was such a great idea! I am pinning this the future!! :) Thanks for sharing!!
:) Rebecca

The Pauls' Family said...

We have long winters lots of inside time!!! Play-do is definitely one of the favourites! Puzzles, colouring, lego, dress-up, doll house or paper dolls. Hope your weather gets warmer soon! We still have another 2 months or so to go!

Elizabeth. said...

That is a fantastic idea, Bethany! I've been thinking of mixing up a batch of playdough for the kiddos who come to our home each week and the stamps are a great idea, too. :) We have those same stamps, too. :) Blessings!

Kate said...

Great idea! We tried it out yesterday and my girls enjoyed it immensely! We also like to use home-made bath paints and get all messy before washing up! Makes for highly entertaining bath times!

Janel said...

I'm just now seeing this, but it's such a great idea. My 5 year old is fairly safe with stamps and the ink, but I rather like the idea of eliminating the ink for less stressful days. Will have to try this.

Anonymous said...

Bethany.. As Elizabeth mentioned, we also have the same stamps... How funny😄😄

Tell Ariana that I miss her..