Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two steps forward, one step back

That has been my mantra this week.

After a wonderful, packed summer with weekends spent traveling to see family, a camping trip,  catching up with friends, photographing a wedding, and numerous other everyday responsibilities, this week was one of trying to be consistent with a few things that I let slide over the summer. (Three cheers for potty training, sleep training, and continuing to work with my little guy's eczema).

Thrilling successes. Disappointing failures. But we're all learning, right?

Two steps forward, one step back is still progress.

[photo credit: Hannah Wissmann]

Any of your goals or projects not go quite as planned this week?

Here's to the weekend -- and more days to try, try again!


Annie Simmons said...

Hang in there, Bethany! I'm pushing toward the end of the first trimester with No. 2, so trying to get anything beyond cooking and laundry done while keeping up with an energetic 19mo old has been a challenge. Praise God for his unending grace--and new mornings with fresh mercies!

MotheringGems said...

Three cheers! Keep up the good work. Wow, such beautiful babies :)

Unknown said...

"Two steps forward, one step back is still progress." This is so true! Love it. With homeschooling and life in general, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the chaos of my home...and slip into the "why try" mentality. ;) But each basket of folded laundry, etc. is something DONE that I can then move onto the next thing. Potty training & sleep training are NOT easy tasks! Blessings to you! Also, one thing that really helped my now 8-year-old's severe eczema when he was a little guy was getting him into a natural doc, here in Omaha. We put him on a good probiotic and the doc sold us some colostrum capsules (from goat's milk)...So good! Have a wonderful Sunday. I really enjoy your blog! :)

Aaron and Naomi said...

Potty training is not fun :) But I like to joke that it's the first big hurdle in life...right up there with learning to read and learning to drive...