Monday, August 11, 2014


Above all: keep loving one another earnestly
(since love covers a multitdue of sins).
Show hospitality.
Serve one another 
by the strength God supplies
in order that IN EVERYTHING God may be glorified.

1 Peter 4:7-11


Anonymous said...

Such sweetness, in the words and the picture. :)

Anonymous said...

So adorable! :)

~Anna McD.

MotheringGems said...

Hi, fellow mama here! I noticed that your baby has a form of eczema just like my daughter had at that age. She is also my second born. I just want to let you know some things that helped: Almond oil by JASON, flax oil mixed into baby food, Eden Salve by Bulk Herb Store, apple cider vinegar mixed with enough water so as not to sting and dab it on, and Tramaplant Comfrey Topical Cream. Make sure it's that brand of comfrey because they took out the harmful alkaloids...anyway, these are all excellent! I would use the apple cider vinegar very watered down, maybe rub a little of it into mild lotion. The Eden salve and Traumaplant Comfrey work so well at clearing it up. Though nothing can cover up their cuteness, I know the rash can get rough and itchy. But my daughter is now going on 7 and her rash is healed, glory to our Creator! The rash looks like it try's to come back every now and then but treating it with one of the above works!
You have such a lovely family!