Thursday, April 03, 2014

Two Months

Two months of running on less sleep (and more coffee).
Two months of snuggles and kissing his chubby cheeks.
Two months with precious Caden James in our lives. 

my chunky monkey

precious baby feet

head full of hair

sweet smiles

oh, I just love this precious lil' person!


photo:britt said...

I love these photos. And I can definitely relate to the less sleep/more coffee style of motherhood that seems to occur upon the arrival of baby 2. It gets better though. Eventually. :-)

On my way Home... said...

wow! he has changed so much already! i have been following you for a while now... so glad you get to soak your two littles up each day!

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie!

simplicity said...

What a sweetie!! Love the second from last picture. =)