Saturday, April 26, 2014


Due to scattered showers the past several days, Ari's official two year photo shoot has been put off until next week, but a picture was needed for a blog post on the family blog. I didn't have anything very recent of just her, so yesterday while Caden was sleeping we took 6.4 minutes to snap a few photos. (Hello, front door being an awesome backdrop!) 

I came away with quite the variety of faces -- some of which made me laugh and also realize how impossible it is to capture the personality of my two year old in just one photo. 

Where did my baby go?

Enter: the second picture I snapped.
She's already hamming it up for the camera!

the windblown look

my little lady!

she loves to spin in circles

(I think she looks like her little Beasley cousins in this picture)

 Always ready with a smile or laugh, this girlie brings so much sunshine into our lives!


Cryslyn said...

Oh my gracious, she is such a cutie!! Lovely photos, Bethany!

Susan Schmidt said...

She is adorable!

Megan said...

She is adorable! Love all her expressions! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! She's is so cute! I thought she looks a bit like your siblings, I could see some of your younger siblings faces in her face. Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

You can just see her outgoing personality in these photos! She is so beautiful:)

Marcy said...

You have very cute babies! :o)