Thursday, December 19, 2013


One daughter.
One son (hopefully arriving next month!)
Two bar exams.
Four moving trucks.
Four years of marriage.

1,461 days of life together.

And I'm so thankful.

Not only am I married to my best friend, but also to a very amazing man.

I married the kind of man who puts in full days at the office, then comes home and makes the girlie at my house giggle with delight while I finish putting supper on the table.

The kind of man who still reaches over to hold my hand as we drive in the car.

The kind of man who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions.

The kind of man who sees a car pulled over on the side of the road with a flat tire and stops to check and see if they need a helping hand, tire jack, or tools, even though we've just headed out on a family get-a-way.

The kind of man who takes thirty seconds to send me a text -- that can leave me smiling for hours.

The kind of man who faithfully prays for his children.

The kind of man who takes such good care of my heart that when he wraps his arms around me, I'm home.

"Blessed be the Lord, 
Who DAILY loads us with benefits."
Psalms 68:19


Ashley said...

Happy 4th Anniversary to one of the cutest couples I know! :) Many blessings to you both!


Unknown said...

Happy 4th anniversary Dan and Bethany!!!

Amanda said...

Awwww, happy anniversary, you two! So glad for the many ways God has blessed your marriage! May you have many, many more years together!

Vickie said...

That is beautiful, Bethany! :)

Sharon said...

So beautiful Bethany! It's been a joy and inspiration to watch your relationship unfold here on your blog. Thanks so much for continuing to share your life with us -- your ever faithful readers:)

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say you two have what looks like the perfect marriage!
You two seem so happy together!
Congradulations on your lil boy! lots of love