Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

A few weeks ago we were having some computer issues and in the midst of trying to get everything up and working again, it appears I've lost all the photos stored on my external hard drive ('only' candid photos from the past seven years).  Though the outcome of recovering the photos is still up in the air,  you can imagine my excitement at discovering an important portion of those photos on a forgotten hard drive! Yay!

{coloring pictures with my sister, Elizabeth}

I'm so thankful for old photos and the crazy good memories they bring 'bout you?


Aubrey Heki said...

I hope you can recover your files! Losing files, especially pictures, is difficult. I have to keep telling myself, "life went on in the past before technology existed...people lived wonderful lives without a single picture." *breathe*

Elizabeth. said...

Such a sweet picture! =) And, mmhmm, I'm also so grateful for pictures. Blessings, Bethany! <3

Ryan H said...

Just as something to look into, I have been really happy with Backblaze, an online backup solution that gives you unlimited backup storage for $50/year. It's cheap insurance for precious photos!

Glad you didn't lose too much.