Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Three things

that make me squeal with delight {at least inside!} and feel simple, childlike pleasure:

ice cream sandwiches
...yep. no idea why, but these hit the spot every.single.time.

pleasant surprises
...unanticipated packages or real letters in the mail
...surprise dates/overnight get-a-ways with my man
...unexpected opportunities to catch up with old and new friends

pulling into my grandparents driveway for a visit
...knowing big bear hugs are awaiting me well as Grandma's amazing chocolate chip cookies
...and oodles of good memories and special times waiting to be made!

Oh. Can I add one more?
There is something quite delightful in watching Arianna experience things for the first time, too. {smile}

What brings a smile to your face,
no matter how your day is going?


Anonymous said...

this made me smile, as I am so glad I've been able to do some of these things for you! I didn't realize you loved getting packages so much! :) Isn't God good, the way He works and leads, even in the small things?!

things that delight me and make me smile? well, I'm right there with you on pulling into grandparents
driveways -- my favorite places in all the earth! and I looove corresponding with seriously makes my day! my third thing would be special Christmas traditions, one of which commences tomorrow!

eeeeep! ;)


Amanda said...

Surprise visits from friends, chocolate, and a good book or movie.