Monday, November 25, 2013

Small beginnings

Along with seeing piles of blue and orange clothes in wee lil' sizes pile up and hoping to freeze a bunch of  meals after Christmas travels, I've enjoyed working with Arianna as she grows and wants to be included. It's fun to watch her smile of delight as she learns something new and feels like such a big helper. She knows where the forks and spoons go and loves singing together as we unload the dishwasher. I've also taught her where the wastebasket and laundry hamper are on each floor (and is usually prompt when asked to put something on one of those places!)

I've found it helpful to store her toys in her room both in open baskets and closed containers; the open baskets are nice for when she's playing by herself and makes for easy clean up. The closed containers are nice as she needs my help to get them open and shut -- which makes for perfect opportunities to work with her on making sure other toys are picked up before getting something new out! (Here's hoping that little routines become habits as she gets older!) {smile} 

I'm eagerly awaiting the time when I can watch her with a baby brother. I've already seen her play and doing such sweet things with her lil' dolly that I've done with her!

To other mom's out there: how do you include toddlers in chores around the house? And is there anything you've found helpful in preparing older siblings for a new baby? I'd love to hear your two cents worth!


Keshet said...

My toddler LOVES to sweep (I have to hide the broom if I don't want her using it!) and she's very willing to help clean up messes. We are expecting baby #2 in December, and one thing I've been working with her on is being able to get up and down from the couch, chairs, etc, easily, so that she can come join me while I'm nursing without me needing to detatch the baby. I'll let you know how that prep worked once baby arrives:)

Anonymous said...

they love being with you and its great that you are teaching her useful things that she will do as she continues growing and into adulthood.

I found getting plastic dishes and glasses to use and teach them as she gets older to take them off the table and bring to where the dishwasher is but the thing is they put it in the sink and not good if its breakable. Same with teaching them when older to set the table simple way.

I taught one little boy that I looked after to take his clothes off and put into hamper in bedroom and his wet towels after his bath into the laundry shoot they had in the bathroom, he loved doing that alot. It taught him to pick up his wet towels andn not leave them on the floor.
Having a hamper in their own bedroom is better as its so easy for them to put their clothes into the hamper and not in main one as they grow having their own hamper or basket is so useful.

I also would ask him to pull clothes out of the dryer and hand them to me as I took them and then folded them up.

I taught two older boys as they begged to help out, washing the kitchen floor but not under the table though as the older boy hit his head so hard. They also did great job in cleaning toilets and too funny, I let them do it and have fun too by them getting into bathing suit and washing the bathtub out while I was busy cleaning the counter and sink and keeping an eye on them.
Yes, sweeping, they have little childrens brooms,etc. that they can help mommy or whoever out.
When they get older its time to strip the bed today and give them the old sheets and help by out in some ways.
Making their own beds too when older but whatever you do, don't go behind them and remake it as it won't teach them anything but why bothter as mommy or whoever will come and do it anyways.
Dusting too they love to do, let them have a cloth and do area where there isn't anything to knock off or break and what fun, make it all in a game, it takes longer but they are learning in their own little ways.
Also cooking and baking, have a chair or something they can stand on and help mommy,etc. out and they love that.
My oldest nephew when he was little, as soon as he saw his mommy in the kitchen he would get big eyes and excitemend and push a chair to counter and climb up and watch and help in his little own way.

Teach them how to count like I did with a little boy by going one two buckle my shoe, three, four shut the door,etc. by using the stairs they had and he loved it and picked it up so much faster as its all in fun the learning.
When they get older too, they can get simple things out of the fridge.

also too if you have a small jug, they can pour juice, milk out when they are capable too and that way you can put it on a lower shelf in fridge and teach them indpendence in getting their own drinks.

they love to put laundry away too but realize its all shoving it in and its all unfolded and when they aren't around, redo it but don't let them see you.

Teach them how to dress themselves too, so many wait too long and they can actually do alot when they are little, socks and shoes are hard.

I found out how to teach them to put their coats and jackets on by laying them on the floor upside down and they slide into it and pull it over their heads, that is when they are about three.

Also hanging up their jackets and coats by putting pegs for them to put them on, again independence and say get your coat or jacket and they love running off and bringing them to you. And same with shoes too they bring to you and have them sit down and some will try to put them on and of course they don't know which one goes on what foot.

There are lots of things you can teach them to do things and if you keep doing it they will do it as they grow into each age.


Jenny said...

I love your blog, Bethay!

Jenny said...

I love your blog, you remind me of the little things in life that are such big things to our precious children.