Monday, November 04, 2013

Daily Bread

"Visit many good books
but live in the Bible."
-CH Spurgeon

There was a time in my life when first thing in the morning I'd grab my Bible, journal and favorite pen and sit down for uninterrupted quiet time to read, pray, and ponder. I had a consistent reading plan. I also had scripture posted by the washer and drier where I spent hours doing laundry for my family and where I purposed to use the time to memorize and review scripture. 

Then I became a mother. {grin}

Now I find myself picking up my Bible during nap time, after supper dishes are cleaned up, or even flipping open to the Proverb for the day while I eat lunch. Some nights I lay in bed, simply meditating on previously memorized passages. Needless to say, it has been an adjustment finding a new 'normal' and not only being creative but also purposeful in continuing to nurture my relationship with my Heavenly Father. And I'm still working on being consistent!

One resource that has been helpful for me is BIBLE.IS (and check out the phone app, too!)
Now I find myself putting my phone in a glass (to help amplify the sound!) so I can listen to scripture while doing dishes...preparing supper...or mopping a floor. 

What works for you? What have you found helpful when trying to remain consistent with important habits but needing to modify how it fits in your schedule amidst current responsibilities?


Anonymous said...

Firstly, :)

Secondly, I used to try to do my devotions in the morning before I even got out of bed -- mainly because that's what everyone told me I was supposed to do -- but I found that I was always too sleepy at that time of day. my best time to reflect and spend time with my Heavenly Father is late in the evening, usually before bed.

I grab my Bible, my prayer journal, and a pen. I read whatever I open up to usually, and then I write a prayer to Jesus. I pray throughout the day, taking the time to do so especially before falling asleep each night.

When I hear folks saying how you have to be in the Word first thing each day, or you have your priorities wrong, it can be easy to feel almost ashamed. but God has taught me that just because I go to Him in the evening vs. the morning, it doesn't mean that my devotion to Him nor my desire for Him isn't lesser. It matters more that I AM going to Him, as opposed to when.

just my two cents. :)

love ya, friend!

Laura H. said...

"Then I became a mother"... (smiles) I totally understand!! I have an almost three year old and a six month old and I usually fit my Bible reading in while I'm nursing the baby. Like you said it is a struggle to be consistent. I try to pray as I was dishes, hang out laundry, whenever I have a few moments of quiet. Thanks for the encouragment to keep at it.

Susan Schmidt said...

I love the idea of putting the phone in a glass to amplify the sound... never thought of that!
As for Bible reading... I have found having the Bible app on my phone really helpful. Especially when I have a nursing baby, it's so convenient to hold and read. Also, every morning I read my verse of the day so that I can think on it throughout the day, until I hopefully get more Bible reading in. I almost didn't comment because I know I am just not consistent in Bible study, but I have found the habit of reading that daily verse encouraging to me.