Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daily Moments

Being a mother definitely has its moments. 

Moments where milk spills all over the high chair and kitchen floor.
Moments when everything takes (at least) twice as long because of the little person trying to help. 
Moments where you stop and catch your breath, wondering where the day went and how you managed to get so little done. 

But then there is the moment when you look over and see your lil' girlie sitting like such a lady, quietly reading books.

...the moment when she spies the broom in the closet and pulls it out to begin spreading the crumbs sweeping the kitchen floor, such a big grin on her face cuz' she's 'just like mom'.

...the moment when Daddy says "let's pray" and she grabs her baby doll's hands and folds them, too.

...the moment when she squeals with the simple delight of swinging at the park.

...the moment when you hear your lil' girlie naming everything in site, and pointing to you, says "Mommy."

And then it hits in amazement all over again that I AM A MOMMY -- and with the coming and going of all these moments, my girlie is growing up so very fast. 

{photo compliments of my iPhone}


csim said...

Dear Bethany, I became a recent "lurker" after finding your blog while looking for a quote for my own :) I've been so encouraged by your faithful life and am inspired to keep my eyes on Christ! May the Lord bless you and your growing family :)

In Him,
Cheryl from Singapore

Sarah said...

Thank you for your usual encouragement and example of living life for Jesus! You have a beautiful family! Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly. :)

Alana Yoder said...

Your blog warmed my heart :). Looking forward to experiencing all those 'moments' with my lil girl who will be 4 weeks tomorrow. :) Thanks for the encouragement and delighting in the moments that some would call frustrating.