Tuesday, September 10, 2013

whistle while you work!

so, I can't whistle (and every time I tell someone this, they look at me like I'm the only one in the non-whistling boat! But I've met a few others who can't, either.)  But if I could, I would be today!

I'll admit. Yesterday I was feeling very overwhelmed. Not only am I behind on several time-sensitive computer projects, but my girlie was under the weather for a few days and we're moving in less than three weeks (yay for a place with a bit more space!) but which also means there are oodles of boxes to pack and label -- and it all adds up to a super long to do list. By the time last night rolled around, I was ready for another weekend; but it was only Monday!

{there is something about watching a sunset that makes me stop and thank the Lord for all of His goodness to me}

Today, I feel much more prepared to tackle the list, which still looks very much the same (with the addition of one thing marked off: laundry is all clean and put away!) I've even added a few things to my list, but these things remind me of what is most important from day to day:

--count my blessings
--practice kindness
--be productive yet calm
--just breathe!

So instead of focusing on the next few weeks and all the work that needs done, I'm focusing on today and making the most of each moment. Taking time to stop and kiss my girlie every time she crawls on my lap and enjoy her sweet giggle. Trying to make the most of the time I have to tackle projects and remain diligent. Starting soup in the crockpot so I know supper will be ready and delish tonight.

Hooray for peaceful sunsets and iphone photos! {grin}

What makes you stop and remember the blessings in your life?

"Hope in God;
For I shall praise Him,
The help of my countenance and my God." 
Psalms 42:11


Laura said...


I'm afraid I don't stop to count my blessings and right now life, as I see it, is in turmoil. I recently lost my job and feel overwhelmed with the day to day challenges that have come my way. Any worlds of wisdom?


Anonymous said...

wow, so I'm not the only one that can't whistle! :) I know what it is like when I tell people I can't and they look at me like I'm crazy.
I enjoyed reading this post. May God give you strength as you go through this busy time of life.
Don't forget the little things!!!

Anonymous said...

Often times, the things that make me pause and realize the blessings in my life are: long talks with kindred spirits, getting glimpses of people who have so little, and time in God's Word. Walks in our neighborhood also have been pouring our thankfulness before the Lord. :)

His Way Services said...

I try to think of those things alot. Well, one thing that often helps me be thankful is thinking of people in other countries or other dilemmas in life who do not have all the privileges or health, or happy life I enjoy. That helps me.

But it's good that you're making efforts to be thankful and take in what you're glad you have, even if you don't completely feel like it.

I'll say a prayer for you too.


Sarah said...

Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the simple joys in life :) You really inspire me!
I didn't know you were moving!! where? Can't wait to hear about and see pictures of your new house, talk about busy for a pregnant Mommy to be moving!! I will be praying for peace and safety for you!

Lydia said...

I used to not be able to whistle, but I have finally managed to be able to do it a little (my range for whistling is very small :). I also can't do it for very long.

photo:britt said...

I couldn't whistle to save my life until I turned 15 and got a dog. My whistle is still pretty pathetic though. :)