Friday, September 06, 2013

Insta-Old Threshers

Many times when our family would spend a day at the zoo or enjoy a special day together, Mom would often ask us what our highlight of the day was. The answers might've included the gorillas chasing each other around, building a sandcastle, playing flag football, or a host of other things, depending on the age of who was answering the question! When I would return the question to her, her reply was often: "It was such a delight watching all of you enjoy the day so much!" Back when I ran around in pigtails or two braids, it kind of made sense to me. But now? I think I appreciate and understand her words so much more!

For instance, this past weekend we drove down to the Old Threshers Reunion where most of my family was singing and hanging out for the weekend. As always, it's such a treat to spend time with family and I'm so thankful for the opportunities we have to hang out together, especially with everyone growing older and moving all over!

Yet a definite highlight of the weekend was also watching Arianna's excitement. Whether it was walking through the horse barn, imitating the oft' sounding train whistle in her adorable little voice, smearing Grandpa's ice cream cone all over her face (and clothes), or asking for "more, more" anytime the trolley stopped, it was truly delightful to watch her joy in simple pleasures. There is something about watching a little one's excitement that makes you feel the kid-like joy, too!

There are already lots of photos on the family blog, yet here are just a few more from my instagram feed:

{this girlie looooves her daddy!}

{clutching the train ticket}

Dan walked to Museum A simply to get his wife a frozen apple cider slushy.
#helovelovelovesme #bestillmyheart 
And if you've never ever had an apple cider slushy, you seriously need to come next year as I'm pretty sure it passes perfection when it comes to a cool, refreshing treat on a blistering hot day!

{old fashioned trolley ride}

{time with this man is always my favorite}

Yay for sleeping in & feeling little baby kicks,
husker football season & popping popcorn,
family time & summer days!

Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

When is your baby due?

Holly said...

awww....such sweetness! thanks for sharing!
I am on Instagram too! Would love to follow you if I may. you can find me at simplyvintagebeauty.

Holly Hochstetler

Amanda said...

You guys are such a cute family! Yeah, when is #2 due? I'm praying you have a safe pregnancy!

Bethany said...

baby #2 is due end of January!

Bethany said...

and Holly -- you can find me on Instagram at 'capturedbybeth'


Sarah said...

It looks like your family had a lot of fun at old Threshers! You look like such a beautiful happy family! Awww! I love the slushy blurb :) I have never had an apple cider slushy, but I can't wait to try one!!