Wednesday, July 17, 2013


{the little girly at my house has grown up enough to be my helper in the kitchen}

"...when you stop and look around, 
life is pretty amazing."
-Dr. Suess


Amanda said...

Awww! She's so big already! How fun to have a little helper! Babies are such a blessing!

Tashia said...

Aww that's really cute! :)

Moriah Mari said...

This is one of those precious moments in life that has been captured! What a treasure to remember. :)

Sarah said...

How adorable :)
Life IS pretty amazing, God is good!

-my baby sister is at the same stage! :) just getting big enough to want to help! She has become quite a monkey, climbing up on chairs and then to the table or counter top when we are not looking! wow! :)
Has Arianna started climbing?