Monday, March 18, 2013

It's still looking a lot like...

Christmas -- but its the middle of March, folks!

Over the weekend I saw pictures of Rachel & Alan mulching their garden plot in Kansas. I saw pictures of Anna, who is currently on a missions trip to Honduras (palm trees in the background? short sleeves, anyone?)

And this morning I wake up to see even more snow falling from the sky, adding to the piles and mounds still covering the ground.

So to celebrate cold weather this bright, Monday morning, I bring a you a few pictures and a quote from a famous children's author that made me chuckle:

"It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily.
"AND freezing. 
However," he said, brightening up a little,
"we haven't had an earthquake lately!"
-AA Milne

 Arianna's first snowmen
{Fact: snowmen are not good at keeping themselves together while doing handstands}


pinepod said...

No more snow here right now, it's been a cold and rainy day here!


Amanda said...

Its still snowy here in Michigan too! :( I'm quite ready for spring weather!
How cute! I love the snowman on his head! :D Wow, you guys must have worked outside awhile!

Judy Fuller said...

welcome to Wisconsin :P

Judy Fuller said...

Welcome TO Wisconsin Winters :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys miss VA?? We hardly had any snow on the ground here in VA this year.:)
You are such a cute family!!!!

Anonymous said...

My sister would be so"jealous"! We've not gotten much snow in PA!
Cute snowmen!

Samantha said...

Same here! I am SO ready for spring!!

His Way Services said...

Cute. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

That is how it looked here yesterday!! It is beautiful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

That is how it looked here yesterday!! It is beautiful, isn't it?