Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY: my 'new' bookshelf

My bookshelf is now sporting chevron! And I love the lil' personality and pop of color it brings to the room. 

Supplies I used:
cardboard, scissors, heavy-duty tape (duck tape works great!), non-glossy wrapping paper, and a measuring tape.

(I've seen tutorials also recommending fabric. Which I'm sure works great, just plan on it being a little more pricey. But that is why I recommend a non-glossy wrapping paper. Glossy wrapping paper will definitely give you the paper look and show every little bend and crease whereas non-gloss will leave people guessing...maybe. Hopefully.)  

I remembered to snap a before picture! Never mind the clutter. {grin}

Instead of cutting cardboard the size of each individual shelf and then wrapping it, I tried saving time by removing all the shelves that I could -- which left two big sections of bookshelf to back. (I was attempting to do this all while Arianna was napping. A big roll of paper on the floor that can't get crinkled really doesn't mix with a toddler crawling all over!) 

After measuring the two big sections, I cut the cardboard to size (I still had some big cardboard pieces from moving... if you don't have big enough pieces, I do recommend doing each shelf individually.) After attempting to cut straight lines, I laid the thin cardboard pieces on the wrapping paper and folded the edges over and taped them down. 

Pick up. Insert in bookshelf. Slide shelves back in. Put books back on and there you have it! 

The completed look.

It was so quick and easy. And makes me happy. 

And did I mention it only cost me $3.99?!
(I had everything on hand except the wrapping paper, which I found on clearance.)

What a fun, simple way to add freshness to an old bookshelf!

And chevron is cool, too. {smile}

And while were talking about DIY projects, you should go check out my cousin Nicole's DIY blog. Instead of using paper and tape, she and her husband are using primer and paint and nails and wood and tools and all sorts of cool stuff to fix up an old house.

What new projects have you been inspired to tried lately?  


Hannah Kilpatrick said...

Very nice job. I love your willow tree figurines. I have four of them myself. It is so rewarding to do stuff yourself!


Anonymous said...

Love it, Bethany! So creative.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Bethany! The chevron stripes add such a cheery touch to the bookshelf. =) Blessings! <3

Anonymous said...

That looks really nice and you can change it easily if you want to. Great idea!

Amanda said...

What a cute idea!

Abigail Cashelle said...

I love, love, love the Willow Tree figurine :)