Thursday, April 05, 2012


Working on 'before baby comes' goals -- one of which is organizing and scrapbooking our photographs from 2010 (and maybe 2011 as well; we'll see how it goes! I tend to be an over-achiever...)
Such precious memories! I stand amazed at the goodness of God and can't help but be thankful for the experiences and lessons He's given me.


Hannah said...

Oh! How fun!
Scrap-booking is SO much fun...enjoy yourself!

Janel said...

I had the same goal before our little one was born! I did manage to get most of our wedding done, but now I'm dreadfully behind. Looking forward to this summer when it's too hot to be outside, and I can have sister-in-law babysitters and time to work on it! Blessings as you work!

His Way Services said...

Oh my. Well, have fun, Bethany. But do NOT over exert yourself! Hope you get some creative inspiration from the Lord.

God bless! Rebecca K.

Rebekah said...

Looks like fun!

Becca said...

So excited for you!!