Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Books to read in 2012

A new year.

New lists and goals.

and a lot of new books!
Three cheers for paperbackswap, an amazing book section at my local thrift store, and Christmas gifts! [grin]

I've compiled a list of the books that are currently at the top of my to-read list; hopefully I'll finish them all in 2012 and have time to add more! Once I've completed this list, I'll give you a run down of which were my favorite and why.

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

The Big Picture by Ben Carson

The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick
Instead of reading it in 40 days, I'm going to stretch it out over this year and enjoy focusing on one chapter for a whole week. I want to continue to look for ways to love and bless my husband and I think this book will be an excellent resource in encouraging me to remain intentional as I invest in my marriage!

Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

What are you currently reading or hoping to read in 2012?


Julianne said...

I just finished reading Heaven is for Real and Crazy Love! Both I would highly recommend. There are also some great group discussion videos to go along with Crazy Love if you read through it with a group/friend.

So far on my list are mostly books I've heard much about but haven't had the chance to read yet....:

-Preparing to be His Help Meet (Debi Pearl)
-Authentic Beauty (Leslie Ludy)
-One Thousand Gifts (Voskamp)

Thanks for sharing your list! I am always looking for new things to read!

Anna B. said... reading list! Can't wait to hear your reviews! I was contemplating doing this on my blog!

Bethany said...

Anna - you should!! :) Especially if some of the same books 'happen' to be on both of our lists. Then we could compare thoughts and notes!

Marie said...

Love your reading list....I too, would love to read reviews. Congratulations on becoming a mommy :) I really enjoy your blog.
Take care.

Linda said...

Great List. I have enjoyed reading the following books from your list...."How to Bring Your Children to Christ"; "Heaven is for Real" (my daughter is reading it right now too); "The Love Dare"...excellent. We went through it as a small group at church too.

I think the Crazy Love one will be good. I have read one of his other books and enjoyed it. Very easy read.

Enjoy your time reading.

Sharon said...

Oooh! I can vouch for One Thousand Gifts and Crazy Love - both very good books!!! I'm really wanting to read The Money Saving Mom's Budget too...I've been following Crystal Paine for a looooong time (we're talking 6+ years!!) so it's so exciting she's written a book!!!

Emmie said...

The Love Dare is actually a one year devotional. You read a page every day and it lasts a whole year. I'm doing it with my husband and we started January 1.

Annah's Blog said...

That's great that you got the love dare. When Fireproof fist came out a two couples got married that year. Dad gave them the Love Dare for their wedding present. Did you know that there is a Day by Day Love Dare for 365 days?


RKaaz said...

One Thousand Gifts is an amazing book! I've enjoyed passing that book on to many people!

Anonymous said...

Did you know there's also "The Love Dare Day by Day?" It gives you a week dare, but has 365 daily devotionals that go along with the are. We're really enjoyed it!

rosemary helene said...

My 2012 reading list is-

-the Bible

-A Chance to Die by Elizabeth Elliot

-Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger

-George Muller by Arthur T. Pierson

-Hudson Taylor by Howard Taylor

-Mother Teresa by Sam Wellman

-Eric Liddell by Ellen Caughey

I enjoy reading your blog, Bethany.
My family loves to listen to your music. We sing alot too.

Elizabeth. said...

Thanks for sharing, Bethany! I'm currently in the midst of One Thousand Gifts and I skimmed through Heaven is for Real and am in the midst of Crazy Love, yet it had to be returned to the library. =) The Money Saving Mom one looks great, too!


Anonymous said...

Great books there! I read 3 of those in 2011 and loved them. (Esp. Crazy Love and 1000 Gifts)
I also have the Money Saving Mom one on my 2012 list.

Emma C. said...

Hi Bethany! Enjoyed reading your book list! I highly recommend both Crazy Love and William Wilberforce's bio. Just finished a Crazy Love book study with my youth group. And I am in the middle of reading William Wilberforce's biography. The bio is very challenging and insightful. I think with Dan's law experience you would find it especially good. Eric Mataxas is an incredible author. Funny and deep, yet his faith and Christian thought shines through.

The book I really want to read next, on the very top of my pile, is "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybles. I also want to find and read, "Unplanned". I've been getting involved in the ministry of my local pregnancy center and thought it would be insightful. Also, I am currently reading "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn. Challenging the way I look at my money.

However, the best 'book' I am reading at the moment is 1 Corinthians. :) My girls bible study is digging into that, and it has come alive in a new way. Joint book study, especially the bible, is so helpful!

Emma C.

~*~Amy's musings~*~ said...

Bethany, before I read Crazy Love, I dived into The Master's Plan for the Church by John MacArthur. In doing so, I learned so much more, because my mind was already centered on serving the church.
Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I really like the book heaven is for real.
It is an amazing story!!
I would like to read it again!

God-is-Gracious said...

I don't yet have a list for the year, but this spring I hoping to read Wrestling Prayer, and Heaven (by Randy Alcorn). (In addition to all the textbooks I'll be reading for my college classes) :-)

GW said...

I have the Wilberforce book on my 2012 list too. I read Eric Metaxas' bio of Bonoeffer last year and it was one of the very best books I have ever read. I'm hopeful his other book will be as good.

Diane said...

I like book lists!! They are a great enthusiasm for getting some reading done. I have read Heaven Is For Real and am currently reading One Thousand Gifts. Both are excellent!! I have Crazy Love on my list to read. Heard only good about that book.

Someone mentioned Unplanned... I read it a few months ago. It is insightful and I would recommend it to anyone standing against abortion.

Happy reading!! I love your interesting, encouraging blog!!

Lady Bibliophile said...

I'm a new commenter to your blog,Bethany, but I've been following it for several years, and two posts are bringing me out of the woodwork. :) I wanted to congratulate you on your coming baby girl, and wish you all blessing in that. :)
I also love to read people's book lists; yours looks wonderful, and I'm thinking about looking up Metaxas' book on Wilberforce. This year I'm also planning on a Dickens or two to celebrate the 200th anniversary.

kenton said...

Such good books! You sure do know how to pick some good ones! I bet every husband wishes he had a wife that reads such good books. Hopefully you share with many others what you learn.