Friday, January 13, 2012

The 750th blog post

...happens to land on my blog's birthday!

This past year I have been extremely sporadic in blogging, yet I have enjoyed sharing pictures and tidbits of my life with you in the cracks of time I've had to blog, upload pictures, and try to scribble something down. I love living life, loving Dan, learning to manage my home, try new recipes, read books, serve Christ by serving others, take pictures, and catch precious moments in time. Oh -- and have I mentioned my excitement in soon having a sweet daughter to love and cuddle?!

Thank you, readers, for taking the time to share your thoughts and encouragement with me over the years. Your comments are always delightful to read! I've been toying around with different ideas of doing a weekly themed post...or sharing more recipes that have been a huge hit in our house...or...or... [smile]

But on to the celebration!

After 6 years of random posts and blogging, I'm excited to do something I've yet to try --

A giveaway!

I wish I could give all of you presents (or at least a cupcake!) to celebrate, but since I can't, I'm excited that y'all will at least get a chance at winning a copy of Crystal's book: The Money Saving Mom's Budget.

Yes, I am giving away a book I haven't yet had the chance to read (I'm still waiting for it to arrive in the mail!) but I have read enough of Crystal's writing to know that this book is high quality and will be very insightful, encouraging, challenging, and practical -- no matter what season of life you are in.

And guys, I'm sure there are things for you to learn, too, but if you don't want to read a book with the title 'mom' in it, you can always give it away to a girl in your life! [smile]

In order to be included in the party and for a chance to win, throw some confetti and leave a comment!

Actually, you can skip the confetti, but do leave a comment that includes your name and something that looks like an e-mail address: yourname[at]

To earn multiple entries, begin following my blog and/or share about this giveway via facebook. Make sure you leave separate comments letting me know which of the above you've done!

The giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday, January 18 and is open to all US residents. The winner will be notified by email and must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or I will choose a new winner.



Sveta said...

This would be awesome to have!
~Sveta D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany!
I would like to try for the book even though I'm not a mom =)

I am already following your blog, so I'm not sure if that counts for 2 entries. My email address is

Sarah S

Anonymous said...

P.S. You might remember me from the Wilkes/Butler wedding in MD. That is where I first met you =)

Kayla said...

Congratulations, Bethany! You are a stellar blogger because you are real about living the abundant life with Jesus. I love the delightful simplicity of your posts and pictures. The Christian life all boils down to loving God, His Word, and people, and your blog demonstrates your commitment to all three! Thanks for hosting this giveaway and may God bless your socks off in 2012! :)
~Kayla (kaylaehills{at}gmail{dot}com
P.S. You are going to be one terrific mom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany!
I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

I don't see the "button" to follow your blog?

My email address is:

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday!! :)

Angela Beeson said...

I would love to have that book, I absolutely LOVE reading and have been looking for more books to add to my collection. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!
My email (or actually my mom's email which I use) is:

Tori said...

Oooo, I would love to have that! :)

My email address:

Nicole said...

yay so exciting! :) you've been so constant over the years. way to go.

Emily H. said...

This looks like a great book and I would love to have a copy!
happilymarriedtohim[at]gmail dot com

Emily H. said...

I follow your blog. :)
happilymarriedtohim[at] gmail dot com

Kim F. said...

Looks interesting!

pilgrims at excite dot com

Kim F. said...

I do follow your blog, but don't see a place to "officially" sign up to do that.

pilgrims at excite dot com

Anonymous said...

What I fun giveaway. I could always use an encouraging word when it comes to budget.

~Kristal @

Anonymous said...

Just leaving a comment to also say I follow your blog.

Kristal @

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great book!
Rachel B

Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily so does that give me a second entry?

Rachel B

Anna Meng said...

I would Love to Win this book!

Springjoy said...

Oh YAY! I've heard a lot about this book and would love to have one for myself, too.

Here's some virtual Confetti **~*~*~*~*~*~*. I reckon that kind's okay? ;)

Springjoy said...

Oops...I left off my email addy on that last comment! it is alaskawildrose at gmail dot com

And I also follow your blog via google reader. :)

elizabeyta said...

Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I still love all your pictures.

elizabeyta [at]

The Huron Family said...

We love Money Saving Mom!
Huron Sisters

Anonymous said...

I would love to win ! :)
My e-mail address is buttonsnblessings (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

And I already follow your blog...have been for a couple years and I am always encouraged and blessed by it. :)

Allie Dean said...

How fun!! Love blog-giveaways :)

And if the ratio of Baby Girl photo posts to recipes is 5 to 1, I don't think any of us will be toooo disappointed (grin)


Allie Dean said...

I follow your blog through Blogger!

Talitha said...

Happy Blog Birthday! [grin] Thank you so much for all the inspiration you have shared over the past years with us readers!

(P.S. I will opt out of the giveaway, as I am sure there are mothers here would could use the book more than me. :) )

Ashley said...

I would love to get this book for my Mom! I bet she would love to read it! :)

Thank you so much!

God Bless,

Katy said...

I think I'll leave a comment. ;-)


Ashley said...

Oh, and I already follow your blog through Blogger! :) I love your blog, I so enjoy each and every post! :)

I forgot to put my email address: Silvergatelops(at)

Thanks again!


Kelley Fry said...

Hey-I'm a mom and I want to read this book!! I follow you're blog, too:)

Anonymous said...

I am a follower now. :)

I totally agree with Kayla that you are going to be one terrific mom!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good book!



Sarah said...

I would love to get the book! Thanks!


Amy said...

Oooh...yay!! Happy bloggy birthday!

(And can I just say, the pic of you and Dan is adorable!) *smile*

Anonymous said...

I love reading! And I'm sure my Mom could use some tips from this book also! I love following you and your life on your blog!

Kara Goodman

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday!
Love the picture :)

{I'm from Canada, so I won't be entering the giveaway...}


Amanda said...

I've really enjoyed following your blog! It's a blessing to see the Lord working in your life!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love giveaways! My email is
Blessings Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I also follow your blog
Blessings, Stephanie

~*~Amy's musings~*~ said...

Wow, Bethany, 6 years of blogging. I know i have appreciated it a LOT! Your heart for the Lord continues to grow, no matter if you are in Husker country or not.
Amy F.
redpaint1 [at]

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
I first stumbled across your family's blog in April of 2011. It was there that I found your blog, and I have been enjoying it ever since. As I had spare time, I would go through the archives and find some amazing encouragement. You are such a wonderful example of a godly woman who lives her life for her Savior, and, being a 17-year-old young woman, I really look up to you. Thank you for sharing your scripture findings, photographs (I love photography and am hoping to take classes after I graduate), and most importantly, God's wonderful work in your life. Seeing your walk with the Lord gives me hope that waiting on God's perfect timing and trusting Him with my future is the best way to live life. Your blog has brought me nothing but joy. I wish I had the chance to meet you and your beautiful, Christ-like family. I have never seen another family like yours, and I would be so blessed if my "future family" is half as precious as yours. Thank you for the time you put into blogging, as it has been a bigger blessing than you know. Many blessings and much joy as you welcome your beautiful baby girl into this world. Your sister in Christ, Alison

Ruth Ann said...

aw yay! I've LOVED following your blog for years. You have really encouraged me in my journey with photography and have been a blessing and sweet example for me. So excited to watch God work in your life!

Ruth Ann
maid2praiz [at] gmail [dot] com

Ruth Ann said...

and, if this doesn't count, that is fine, but I have been following your blog in Google Reader for a very long time! you're one of my favorites, even if you don't post all the time! love you!

Esther said...

Hey, Bethany! Happy birthday to you and your blog. :) Aww. I can almost feel the cupcake on my palate. Thanks for the bite!

-Esther D.

Elisehope said...

I don't see how to officially follow your blog but I check it regularly and find it inspiring! knittedhope[at]gmail[dot]com

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I love reading your blog, you are always such an encouragement to me! This is so sweet of you to have a givaway and it sounds like a great book. Here's my email address: acemrich[at]verizon[dot]net
By the way, I can't wait to watch you as a mom!!

Caleb said...

I would love to be entered in the giveaway! I'm so happy to hear about the new little one, Bethany! Congrats and God bless!

daystar90 [at]

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
I love reading your blog. Your love for Jesus definitely shines through you. I love your pictures. (I love photography too!) And blessings to you and Dan as you raise your precious little girl when she arrives! I think my mom would enjoy reading this book. My e-mail address is

Joyfully in Jesus,

Hannah Elise said...

oh I would love to own that book!

Paige said...

Hi Miss Bethany!

I was also already following your blog through blogger.

I would LOVE to give this book to my mom as well, she's always looking for ways to save money.

My email is:

God Bless!
PS: I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Bethany. I check it several times a week, looking for a new post. Thank you for the recipes you have included, also. I plan on trying your yogurt recipe tomorrow. Deb My email is,

Unknown said...

I really want to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 750 posts! :)


Amy K. said...

Bethany, I'd enjoy celebrating by entering in the giveaway!
Amy K.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Would love to have a copy of this book!
Emily at

David Kent said...

Congratulations on 6 years of blogging and all the readership you have!

Also (and more importantly) a belated congratulations on the little girl on the way! :-)

You mean you can't send cupcakes through the internet!! Wow, I learn something new every day, amazing how little I know about the internet. The next thing you'll be telling me is I can't make confetti fly out of your computer screen or DVD slot! Though I'll try somehow. :-)

Many blessings to you and Dan.

Not getting dumped on with snow,
David Kent

Alison said...

i would love to read this book,even if i am not a mom! and i'm sure my mom would like to read it too!

Hannah W. said...

After all I've been reading about the book, I'm getting interested in reading it. I'm a super money saver too.

Hannah W.

Hannah W. said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I follow your blog.


Carisa Stahl said...

Would love to win one of Crytal's books. I follow her blog. My 2 girls in their 20's follow your blog and I often hear about it from them. They really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday!!! I really enjoy reading/looking at your blog. God Bless! ~Janelle Horner

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter for the book for my mom, she would really enjoy it. May the Lord bless you for giving. My email is
Allison Stoltzfus

Keshet said...

I'd love to read it!

Anna said...

Hi that would be great. My name is Anna and email address is

The Grove Family said...

Hi Bethany,

That sounds like a great book! Our email is 8groves at gmail dot com
Blessings on your new baby! I can't wait to see pictures. (:
We met your family at the Bible Bee in Nashville this November. Your music has really blessed our family!
We live only about an hour from PHC, so maybe we will see you all around some time (:

Blessings in Christ,

Ginger said...

I have been reading about her book via her Crystals blog for days now and I am very intrigued.

Hannah said...

Whoops, the entry that is from "CALEB" is actually from me (Caleb's sister Hannah)! I was signed in to the wrong account!! Sorry!! :-)

Meg said...

I would love to own this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,

It's always fun to see a little of what you're up to these days! Excited for the arrival of your new little one coming soon! harpinheidi[at]hotmail.

Heidi B

ASourceOfJoy said...

What a fun giveaway! I haven't read the book yet, but would like to get a copy sometime - I've only heard good things about it. :)

Naomi T. said...

It would be awesome to read Crystal's book. I may have to order it (if I don't win)!


Hartman Family said...

Hi Bethany,
I'd love to enter!
P.S. Confetti!

Unknown said...

Hi Bethany!
I'd love to win the this book (even though I'm not a mom :) I'm sure I could share it with my mom

Btw, I love reading your blog. The pictures you share are always awesome =) Keep up the good work!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Stephanie A.

i have really enjoyed reading your blog, you are a blessing :)

Kelly said...

Bethany I would love to have a chance to win this too!:)

Maria F.

Maggie Burnett said...

I love your blog! congrats on the little one! hope the pregnancy goes well! :)

Sharia Joy H. said...

Bethany, I'd love to enter for a copy of the book... I have 5 children, 4 and under....with #6 due in September! Sounds like something I could use! :-) May the Lord bless you and your new little one and as you be a good wife to your husband!!!


Naomi Joy said...

Really excited to read this book at some point :) And just realized I'm barely making it by midnight :) lol

Naomi Joy said...

Email address is njoyspontaneity89[at]yahoo[dot]com

Anna said...

I follow your blog and I love it. My email address is

Anonymous said...

I think my mom would love to have this book! I love your blog!


KarenR said...

Happy blogirthday! Sounds like a great book especially as young families learning to use what we have to the max!

Allison said...

Yay! I love giveaways. Such a nice way to celebrate a blog anniversary. :)

Allison said...

I'm already following your blog. :)

Deanna said...

That would be wonderful!
Deanna --

Dina said...

So fun! Thank you for everything, you are such an inspiration :)

Allison said...

I'd love to win!!!

Joya said...

I would love to have that book

Joya said...

I joined your blog today

Emma C. said...

I think my mom would like this! Or I would like it one day if I have my own home and family! :) I enjoy your blog Bethany!


Emma C.


Budding Violinist said...

Happy birthday to your blog!!!!

signedp /

Budding Violinist said...

I follow your blog as well!!

signedp /

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
Thank you for sharing, you have been an encouragement! I would love a chance to read this book!

Elizabeth. said...

Oh, thank you for hosting! Please enter me, as it looks like a fabulous book. That is something I am learning-how to help my family with couponing, saving money on groceries, etc, as a fun, useful project. :)

With Joy in Christ,

Pollock Family said...

Blessings to your sweet family, Bethany. We're excited for the precious blessing on the way. Look forward to reading the book if it comes our way. You're such a diligent money saving (Prov.31) wife and mother:) Our e-mail is

Pollock Family said...

Oh, I meant to say we follow your blog, also.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and you strive to please Him.

The Pollocks

kenton said...

The book would be nice to have! I am a financial counselor and I help a lot of Moms (especially ones with large families) and Dads on their finances and give them ideas on how to save money. The book could give me even more ideas.
I enjoy reading your blog!

Kristi said...

:*( Missed it by a day.


Ashley said...

Happy blog birthday! I love reading all of your posts! excited about the give away... :)

~ Ashley

Ashley said...

Oh and I am following your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You look so happy.