Monday, December 12, 2011

Supper is served




(Those words just had to be made for each other. Hm-mm-m. Such an amazing combo.)

Throw in some grilled ham or chicken, a lil' mayo or mustard, a few slices of avocado and tomato--

well, for the first sandwich only use one lone tomato slice.

Which only means more for the next sandwich!

Grilled chicken is my personal favorite. I'm also thinkin' that a slice or two of bacon would only make this even more delish. And all I had on hand was potato bread, but a fresh rye or wheat bread only enhances the flavors (I speak from experience!)

Let the grill do its work - and wala!

Make sure you have whatever else you are serving with supper all prepared and ready cuz' these tasty toasted sandwiches are best hot off the grill.


Such melty goodness.


Anonymous said...

We don't do ham or chicken, we do turkey or we just do toasted cheese sandwiches though using vegetarian cheese.


Annie said...

Oh. Wow. Those look DELISH!! =)

Elizabeth. said...

Those look yummy!! I love pressed panini sandwiches! We don't have one, but I love when others make them. :) Looks like Dan has an amazing chef. :)

Allie Dean said...

in a word... yum.

Our Army of Six said...

Yummy Bethany!! Great idea!

Our Army of Six said...

Yummy!! Great idea!!