Monday, November 14, 2011

The blessings of the Lord

...make one rich.
(Proverbs 10:22)

Thank you for all your sweet congratulations and for rejoicing with us!

Dan and I are so very thrilled and excited -- not only with the eagerly awaited arrival of a precious little bundle next spring, but also because of the faithfulness of the Lord!

Earlier this year (in January) Dan and I found out we were expecting and couldn't have been more blessed and ecstatic. I was just getting ready to share the exciting news with you all several weeks later, when the Lord called our precious little one home.

So instead of preparing for a sweet little baby whom I'd been praying for, I found myself over and over again dealing with the pain of dashed hopes and dreams I already had for this little one. My Heavenly Father had other plans and yes, it was a time of deep sorrow. But it was also a time the Lord showed me more of Himself and of His great love.

I share this with you now because it was a challenging spring of coming to a place of simply trusting and resting -- only to find myself in tears again, struggling with the loss of wanting to hold my baby!

In the midst of tears and wishing for what might've been and what I longed for, He was so patient and brought me such comfort through the precious promises in His Word as well as through my amazing husband, dear family, and close friends. Heaven is only going to be all the more joyous when I finally meet our precious baby!

And now I am due the end of April and have been so thankful for a wonderful pregnancy thus far. I heard lil' Squirt's heartbeat for the first time last week -- what a precious, precious sound! And such a miracle.

15 week baby bump

And I'm posting this picture simply because I love being married to Dan and am so excited to watch him as a daddy! He is going to be wonderful. [smile]


Brittney said...

I thought falling in love was the best thing that ever could happen to me.... But then I fell in love again when I had my baby:: with my baby, AND all over again watching the man I love become a daddy. It's even more amazing than you imagine. :) I am so thrilled for you. A new baby doesn't replace the one you lost, but it does help to heal a broken heart.

Lil said...

Oh, isn't it wonderful how at the darkest times it seems the Lord isn't there, and when we choose to trust Him again, He blesses us and rewards us far greater than we could have asked. God is so good. Even though trials and tribulations come, He never forsakes us. The trials bring us closer to Him.
I am so happy for you and Dan: you both look so radiant. =) God blesses those who live for Him.
Congratulations! Still praying!
in Christ,

His Way Services said...

Oh, that's so sad about your very first little one! We know several women who have miscarried, including our own mom between my sister and me!
That is always so hard to understand! But we're so glad that He is blessing you both with another baby!!!! God bless! Praying for you!
You have a lot to celebrate this Thanksgiving!!
Rebecca K.

Annah's Blog said...

I don't know what to say. I'm so happy for you two! We will be praying for you.


Julianne said...

Congratulations Bethany! What an exciting time for both you and Dan! My family has experienced several miscarriages and I know how heartbreaking and challenging it can be. God's timing is always perfect - and although we may not understand, and you will certainly never forget your first child, it certainly seems as though he has used this past spring to draw you closer to him.

My prayers are with you that the next several months go smoothly!

Many Blessings,


Kelly said...

Thank you for sharing, what a wonderfully long and well-written post. Us (blog readers) love when you share about anything, it shows you don't forget we are still here reading your blog. Thank you and thank you for trusting us enough to share about such personal family matters.

Wishing you all the best for a healthy and safe pregnancy.


On a side note, don't know if this is too much to ask, but how about your first year of marriage, were there any trials and tribulations then? Just curious, since it was such a lengthy time until your first pregnancy.

Rachel J said...

What sweet pictures!!! I'm so excited for you and Dan!!!

Thank you for sharing your struggles with the loss of your first little one. Two recently-married couples I know have gone through that same heartache and now one of those couple is expecting a new baby at the beginning of May! God is faithful and it so exciting to see Him bring new life into the world!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing with you as you prepare to welcome a baby into your arms; what a joyous experience! I'm so sorry that you and Dan lost a baby this past Spring. How sad and heart-wrenching! :(
But God deal heal and bring new life again; Praise Him!

Anonymous said...

~It's in the midnight hour when your hanging by a thread, when you've cried all your tears, and all the prayers you've shed. That's when JESUS comes running, and takes you by the hand.Hold on you can make it, press on. Mornings coming. Press on.~

So excited for your new little ~*Family*~:);) Congratulations for your new little baby!:) It must defiantly be a comfort to know you will see your other ~Precious~ little one again in *Heaven*.... Have a blessed day!!!:)

Mikailah Autumn said...

Ohhh!! How EXCITING! :) Congrats... That is so true, Brittany. A new baby doesn't take the place in your heart of the little one you never knew, but it does definitely give you something to praise the Lord about! :) Congrats again!

In Christ,

Amy Jo said...

The Lord is so lovingly faithful... thank you for sharing His grace and goodness to you through such a sad heartbreak. We are so, SO happy for you!!! What a cute baby bump.:)
The Reynolds

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful!

Your faith is very inspiring to me Bethany!


Anonymous said...

First time poster, but long time reader. Just wanted to share that I understand the feeling of darkness and sorrow over the loss of an unborn child. My husband and I suffered two miscarriages before having our firstborn. It was very much is a hard and difficult time to live through twice in a row. One in which my husband and I grew closer together and became more trusting of God's perfect timing. I know all things are in his hands. We now have our hands full with two little girls and loving it. I'll be looking forward to reading your post when you finally get to meet your newest addition!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
You have an amazing Faith.

Congratulations again on your precious miracle,


Anonymous said...

Congrats again, my sister-in-law miscarried her 1st daughter but then a couple months later became pregnant her 2nd daughter and now she has a little boy as well. My other sister-in-law is having her 3rd daughter in January and it will be my brother's 4th daughter.



Elizabeth. said...

Congrats, Dan and Bethany! I'm so happy for you-you two are going to be wonderful, godly parents and I'm so thankful that, even through painful times, the Lord has brought you closer to Him. He is so faithful! His love is never-ending. So excited for you. Praying!!

With Joy in Christ,
P.S. Cute photos. =)

Hannah said...

Praise the Lord for this little blessing, as well as the first one He gave you for a short time. I'm very sorry for your loss, and happy for this exciting news of the little shoes!

Budding Violinist said...

Bethany, so happy for you & Daniel. The Lord is really blessing you both throughout all these years. I'm so thankful that you were willing to share your experience with us.

Allie Dean said...

I loooove the pictures, Bethany! They capture the joy of two becoming one...a little one!

And my you both be blessed with several "ones"!

We do serve a God of HOPE.

Clare said...

Congratulations to you both! :) How very exciting!

Anonymous said...

hurray Bethany!! so exciting, my brother and his wife are also expecting their first child (a boy!) in April 2012 (they got married this past May). Ever so thankful to God with you and Dan.

much love,

Holly said...

Bethany - you will see Dan in a whole new light, trust me. We waited 8 long, long years, and finally, through adoption, have our first little one. I know you have been told this, but having a baby changes everything - but in such a beautiful way. I am beyond thrilled for you and admire the way you handled your significant loss earlier this year. Sending love and prayers your way in this wonderful time in your life - Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and pray for your baby to grow healthy and bring joy to you and your husband. I also lost my first baby two years ago this month. We still struggle for a new little one, but know that God is faithful and grants all things in his time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me but we met at the OKC Convention in April of this year. I told you that I was the oldest of 6 and that my mom was expecting number 7 after she had miscarried the previous year.
Ellianna Joy was born on June 25, 2011 and she has been such a blessing and helped to ease the pain of losing the last one. My mom went through some of the same thing that you did, it is perfectly normal. We didn't even tell anyone till my mom was 12 weeks just to be sure. During that whole time most of us and especially mom were praying and waiting and each time we heard her heartbeat we would be very thankful and relieved that another month had gone by and she was still growing well. Be patient and hold on, the Lord is still in control and is holding your little one in His hands as he knits your baby together. Please know that I well be praying not only for the safe arrival of your little one but also that the Lord will give you a peace that passes all understanding.
Sarah Young Isaiah 41:10
P.S. Please don't post this on your blog

Anonymous said...

Congratulations bethany!

My family also lost a baby in January. She was my little sister and only 2 months old. I miss her everyday, but am so looking forward to that great reunion when are LORD calls us home. Life is so precious. The time that God gives us with each new blessing is amazing and a gift.

Congrats again!
A sister in Christ(:

Ashley said...

Congratulations Dan and Bethany!!! You are going to be wonderful parents! Bethany, you are SO cute! Love the pictures! :)

I'll be praying for you! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! That is so very exciting.. you are so amazing Bethany!
I'll be praying for you three :)

The Ahlgren Family said...

Thank you for sharing about your loss... I am thankful that the Lord gave you his strength and hope to trust Him more!
Your pictures are so cute! You look marvelous and both of you look so happy! I think seeing my husband become a father was so thrilling and amazing... so amazing! It was (is) such an honor to bear his children! Praying for you during your pregnancy! :D Treasure every moment of it!

Talitha said...

Dear Bethany, thank you for sharing. This brought tears to my eyes. It must have been so hard, but as you shared, through it all God's faithfulness shone out more brightly. Praise the Lord for His healing and the new little life He has given you! I will continue to remember you and your precious little one in my prayers.

Hannah S. said...

Hello Dear Bethany!
I was sooo excited to hear your special news -- what a priviledge for a little one to get to have you and Dan for parents! I can't wait to see him/her. I have been reading The Hiding Place by Corrie tenBoom and her story came to mind when I read of your miscarriage. Sometimes we can't see why things happen NOW, but God has a plan far greater than we can ever imagine or know. He makes no mistakes. He is always faithful. God Bless You!
Love, Hannah Schoenfelder

Heather Carter said...

I am SO happy for you both!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sorry that you lost your previous little one but am rejoicing with you knowing that he\she is in His safe arms!! I hope that this pregnancy continues to go well for you and that you are blessed with a healthy little one! =) Blessings to you, Heather Carter

Becca said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, Bethany.
I am so happy for you.


Erin said...

So sad to hear of your loss. A good friend of mine just lost her first baby, trust you had many people supporting you.
May this baby be a blessing to you and Dan :)

Joya said...

Congrat!!!! I am so happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bethany! You will love being a Mommy! You look so cute pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, you are simply glowing and so beautiful!

I am so sorry for your loss earlier in the year. You mentioned how much more joyous it makes Heaven to know you have a loved one there waiting for you. I lost both of my parents this past year, and I agree with you, Heaven gets sweeter all the time. I don't always understand the Lord's will, but I do always trust His heart.

I look forward to watching your baby bump grow in the next few months.


Esther and Jenna said...

Post something new! Pleaseeee!

Sarah Logan said...

eeeeek!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Naomi T. said...

Dear Dan and Bethany,

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. God's ways are far beyond our understanding at times but great is His faithfulness. Always.

You are in my prayers.