Saturday, September 24, 2011

This past month

...has flown by! Can September really almost be over?

And it has been a month and a day since I've posted.
(Anyone still out there?)

Its been a crazy, wonderful month and I have oodles of pictures waiting to find there way on here.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures I keep meaning to post of Dan and I (from way back in March when we celebrated the marriage of Andrew and Kori!)

What a privilege, delight, and honor it is to serve the Lord alongside this incredible man!
O give thanks to the Lord -- for HE IS GOOD.

"For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
the Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does He withhold
from those who walk uprightly."
Psalms 84:11


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and good Psalm.



Hannah said...

I'm still here! Glad you are back.Love the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany you're back! I can't wait for more posts :))))

Rachel J said...

Awww... these pics are so beautiful and amazingly sweet. I've missed your blog posts and its good to have you back in the cyber-world!!!

God bless!

A.J. said...

How sweet! It's so beautiful to see such a love between a couple! :)

Talitha said...

Hi Bethany! Glad to see that you're doing well. Those are cute pictures! Can't wait to see the oodles of pictures you have to share. :)

Hannah said...

Yes, I'm still here...and am glad to hear you are too :)
The pictures are beautiful. Can't wait to see more pictures and posts real soon:)
God bless, Hannah

Budding Violinist said...

Yup, still here!!! Glad to know that you're doing well & that the Lord is still blessing you abundantly. :)

Australia said...

Awww...I like these! Very cute! You're blessed, indeed.

Australia said...

P.S. I'm glad you posted...I've been checking for a while and was wondering if you still were among the living. ;) Glad you're back.

Annie said...

Glad you're back, Bethany! Can't wait to see more! Cute pictures, too. =)

Annah's Blog said...

I'm still here! Glad you are too! I know what you mean about September. I didn't even know it was the last week of this month until last Friday or Saturday!

God bless!


Anglican Mama said...

The pictures are darling--and can definitely resonate with your praises for your husband. I've been reminded--through trials and joys alike--what a blessing my man is, and how many ways I'm thankful for him! ;)
Sorry I haven't been around lately, I tend to be scattered in my web activity too. But I still love to follow your posts, and enjoy stopping by!