Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is it Saturday yet?

I've been asking that question all week as Dan has been at a school conference in Oklahoma-- for the whole week!

I've definitely had things keeping me busy in hopes of helping time pass (like taking a trip back to Nebraska for a few days...a fabulous engagement photo shoot with my cousin and bachelorette party to celebrate the upcoming wedding...very successful shopping trips...playing with my nieces and nephew...putting my newly remodeled kitchen back together...etc...)

...but I miss him like c.r.a.z.y.

And now it is finally Saturday! He arrives home tonight! Hooray!

I love that man.

And he loves me.
(Check out the bumper sticker he got for our car earlier this summer! Suh-weet or what?)

Life is good. And its about to get better. [grin]


Kelley Fry said...

such a sweet bumper sticker:) so glad he's coming home

Our Army of Six said...

Yay! We've been married 15 years and I STILL miss my fella when he's gone. Love the bumper sticker!

Rachel said...

So sweet.

samarah said...

aw so sweet! :)

A Heart of Praise said...

I always feel the same way when my husband has to leave for a few days, It's always wonderful when he gets back!

It's funny, but this post also reminded me of how I'm feeling waiting for my due date for our second little one, lol, "is it the 17th yet??" Smile:)

Anonymous said...

When is Dan done with school? Will you move back to Nebraska then?

Nicole said...

hang in there dear.... not fun. yay for keeping busy!

Talitha said...

Awww, sweet. I love that bumper sticker! :)