Saturday, July 23, 2011

Psalms 90:2

"Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever YOU had formed the earth and the world,
even from everlasting to everlasting


Anonymous said...

Good Psalm!



Emma C. said...

Mountains make my heart sing. How much more should my whole being sing at the awesomeness of God.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
Thank you for using your blog to glorify our Lord! It has been a refreshment to me for several years now, as I "drop in".
Your words, photography and spirit they convey are good and pure. I genuinely appreciate that.

---I would prefer emailing this to you, but posting it will have to do =) ---

Married only a few months before you (!) it has been neat to continue discovering similarities we share. (The Lord Jesus Christ, family upbringing, age, books, & photography.)

Though it has been very one-sided "friendship" (!) I thought to pass on some encouraging links. You may have already discovered these sources. But if not, enjoy. =)

In my journey to study my husband and how to bless him, ---I think you are doing the same... I can see Dan is very happy!--- I'm learning how amazing respect (reverence, honor) is.

Also, the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge has encouraged me, =) in encouraging my man.

May the Lord fill you with His Spirit and continue to direct your steps!

A sister disciple of Christ,

Alyssa Faith said...

What a beautiful picture, and a comforting truth!