Friday, April 29, 2011

NCHEA: The drama

It all begins when Dr. David Livingstone came to share at the City Hall...

"...Tonight, if you take just one thing home with you, please let it be this; God desires you and He desires to use you for His purposes and ultimately for His glory. But oftentimes we allow the things of this life, its pleasures, distractions and busyness to come between us and God's plan for our lives. Some of the biggest hindrances can be little things like possessions, money and entertainment. These things, although not bad in and of themselves, can rob us of the true calling God has for us."

The Hadley family was greatly impacted by his words and after much seeking, praying, and preparation, feel led to travel to Africa as missionaries.

There are others headed to far-away lands as well. Archibald is going to search for diamonds and expensive jewels...

And AdaBelle? She is taking her maid, Charlotte with her. Africa is just a slight detour as they are bound for the high society in Calcutta, India.

But things don't go as planned. After several weeks at see, a huge storm rocks the small ship...

"Land!! Watch out! We're going to run aground and crash!"

Washed on the shore of an unknown land.


"Father, when you called us to go the Africa, we didn't expect to end up here. And I don't even know where 'here' is. But You have been faithful, Father. Thank You for Your hand of protection during the shipwreck and with the natives yesterday..."

But Archibald begins making plans...

...and tells lies to the chief in hopes that he will learn where jewels might be hidden.

But plans backfire -- and instead of giving Archibald information, the chief decides to capture someone in retaliation!

Poor AdaBelle!

"I l-left her for only a f-few mom-ments. Why did I e-ever leave h-her?
My m-mistress has-s n-never lef-ft me b-before. She is alw-ways right w-where I l-left her-r!"

"Please go before us and continue to guide us, Heavenly Father..."

"How ever do you cope, Florence? I've never see you loose your temper or dissolve in tears. And that happens to me several times a day!
...when you tried to tell me this religious stuff a couple weeks ago, I laughed at you. But I ahve seen your life, Florence, and I know God must be real. I want the joy you have. Can you help me pray?"

In the meantime, Archibald convinces Babatu and Adonabi to show him where a shiny mountain is -- and what a pretty waterfall they show him!

"Look! A ship!"

"You mean to say you don't know where you're located? This is Africa, my friend. I'm starting a mission compound about thirty miles south of here... I've been praying for people to partner with me."

"Partner with you? Florence, did you hear that? And only 30 miles south of here! What an answer to our prayers!"

cast, crew, and staff
--what an incredible job they did!

(More pictures are posted here!)


Rachel J said...

WOW!!! Wish I could have seen it!

God bless!

Mazzou said...

It looks great, and the costumes are really well done.
Your brothers are make AMAZING natives! :) Ha ha. :)
Must've been fun. I hope you video these performances, as well as photograph!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun! :) I was also wondering, what does NCHEA stand for? Thanks and kep up the good work!

Cynthia said...

I saw you at the OKC and Tulsa Homeschool conventions this week, but never got a chance to talk to you. My brother Matthew, my parents and I all worked the OCHEC Media Booth and I had a Entrepreneur booth too. I sold Hairbows. Anyways just wanted to say Hi since I never got to get over to your booth week. Did you all have a good time?

Bethany said...

Anonymous --
NCHEA stands for Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association.

Cynthia --
oh, it would've been fun to meet you! And yes - we had a wonderful time!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun and I am sure God was blessed.

Morgan Family said...

Wow!!! The ministry your family does is just amAzing! I hope it get to meet them someday:)


Nebeula said...

Wow! Was this at your church? Amazing! Am from India. And yes I owe it to God, and also the missionaries who obeyed God's call, to sow the seed in our land. Praise God!

Kate Grant said...

looks incredible!!!!