Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gold Dust

Several years ago as I was sorting through a box of papers and old family photos, I stumbled across a small, worn notebook. Curiously, I opened the pages and discovered an assortment of quotes, sayings, and poems -- all written in my mother's beautiful handwriting.

"During my teen years, when I read or heard something that inspired, encouraged, and challenged me, I wanted to write it down and keep record of it," Mommy replied to my questions about the small book. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through it, reading little tidbits that had impressed her when she had been my age…

and I was inspired.

Which led to the habit of always (trying!) to have a pen and paper nearby when I read a book in order to copy down words that I found insightful. I also copied down short phrases from sermons...words of advice from my dad...special conversations with my sisters...excerpts pulled from a letter from a friend. These were all words I wanted to remember. Words I wanted to live by. Words that encouraged my heart. Words that made me smile. Words that challenged me to pursue Christ. Words that exhorted me to live whole heartedly. Words that made me laugh. Words that gave me much to ponder.

As time passed, I filled up my own little book.
and another one.
and another one!

And I have been blessed. When I first began my blog several years ago, my lil' book was the source of the inspiration for many, many posts, and still continues to be! For they are words that have encouraged me, and I pray -- bless you, too.

I think there is value in noting certain passages that are helpful. Recently I found a tiny book entitle “Gold Dust” that had been published in 1907. I enjoyed reading its preface, which summed it up quite well, I think:

"When you sometimes find in books advice or examples that you think may be of service, you take care to copy it... Write down the counsels and precepts that you hear or read; then, from time to time, study this little collection, which you will not prize the less that you have made it all yourself. This will be a collection of thoughts chosen because you liked them; counsels you have given yourself; moral receipts you have discovered, and of which, perhaps, you have proved the efficacy.

Gather then, these little counsels; gather them with watchfulness; let them for a moment penetrate deep into your heart; then scatter them abroad again, that they may go with their good words to the help of others. This is gold dust -- teachings which sparkle, enlighten, and inspire for a moment…."


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I often do this and can't believe the impact it has when I go back and re-read what has stood out to me in the past.

Sharon said...

Great idea! I'll have to do that too! :D

Missing Mayberry said...

Just from your blogging style I could tell you probably keep a little book like that! I love the word picture of "gold dust." It is entirely fitting. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful quotes and verses. They are a huge encouragement to me, and the thing that drew me to your blog in the first place :-)


Anonymous said...

can you tell me who wrote the book gold dust? I would like to read it, but I don't think the ones I'm finding is the same one you were talking about. Thanks!

BTW, I love your blog and find your posts very encouraging. God bless you!


Amy W. said...

It had been a while since I had visited your blog. I am so glad I "came by" today! :) What a treasure your mom's hand written notebook of quotes must be! And now you are following in her footsteps writing down quotes and other notes in your own books that the generations to come will enjoy and cherish. I have done some of that here and there, but lately I have just been underlining the things that stand out to me in the books I read. You have inspired me to get back to writing them and other words I want to remember down in a book and be more faithful at it. Thank you!


Ruth Ann said...

yes. :) I love this. I, too, have a special book that I write things down in. It is almost full, and it'll be fun to start another. And I love to go back and read them and be encouraged again, or go to it to find something in particular. :)

Anonymous said...

Bethany! This is such a good idea! And I've thought about it before... sort of... but, to have a specific book just for those special sayings/quotes!

Thanks for posting this!

Becca said...

I am always encouraged by the quotes you share. I will have to start writing quotes down as I find them. It is such a great idea!

I hope you have a great week.


Mazzou said...

That is FANTASTIC! I sort of do that, and have filled up half a dozen small fat notebooks, yet they don't have enough words of wisdome in them: I think I'll start a different sort like yours, full of words to encurage future generations!

Mikala said...

I love keeping journals/notebooks of things!!! It's so fun, and provides many good memories and thoughts for the future!

Toyin O. said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

Beeson Girls said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was so blessed by this post - I just started filling my own book with quotes, book passages, and Scripture verses, in hopes of one day passing it to my [future] children. It blessed me to know how much it meant to you to read your mom's little book; hopefully it will one day mean as much to my [future] children! And I LOVE the name "Gold Dust" - I may just have to call my book something similar... =D
Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this!
Love in Jesus,

Bethany said...

@ Laura --

The little book I have doesn't have an author's name. The only info I have is from the preface:

"This little book is a translation from a collection of devotional thoughts published in France under the name 'Paillettes d' Or' [translated -- 'gold glitter]. " It was published by Philadelphia Henry Altmus Company.

Hope that info helps!