Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy aunt

Since my purse lacks a photo album filled with pictures of these precious lil' people that I'm related to, I thought I'd post a few candid pictures I took (or found on my camera!) when home for Christmas...

the little man

Yelana enjoying her cheerios

happy big sister, Elise

Aunt Hannah with Joanna

Uncle Dan holding Edmund

(For those wondering how we are all related --
Elise, Yelana and Edmund are Caleb & Abby's children.
Caleb is Dan's brother.
And Joanna is Josiah & Abi's girl. Josiah is my brother)


I really, really like being an aunt.


Daisy said...

All these babies are so cute.

Rachel said...

Ohhhh... how sweet!

Mikala H. said...

Those pictures are adorable, Bethany! Edmund reminded me of my baby sister (who is almost his same age) :-D


Anna B. said...

Completely ADORABLE!!! Love this post!! And I love being a co-aunt to the cutest kids. EVER. no. questions. asked. or accepted! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Awww, such cute pictures! :)

Jennifer said...

being an auntie is a lot of fun!

Charity U said...

Oh, I love the ones of you and Anna with little ones! They're so cute!

Annie said...

So sweet! The pictures are simply adorable. =) You'd be such a good mother, Bethany!

Bethany Joy said...

Hello Bethany!

Those pictures are so sweet! They all look like adorable little children. Those pigtails on Elise are *so* cute!

You and Hannah look like very happy aunts. Wow! Joanna has grown a lot! How old is she now?

Blessings, to you!
-Bethany :)

Anonymous said...

Very precious! Joanna has such a great smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! I love being an Aunt to 4 niece's and 1 nephew.



Anonymous said...

Precious photos!! Babies are beautiful!!

Chantel said...

I love being an auntie too! It is such an amazing feeling. :)

Anonymous said...

oh! they are adorable! :) what about you letting be others aunt this time? (read: be a mom) :D ... I honestly hope you will be blessed with chidlren of your own soon! :)

Lily said...

Aw, what sweet pictures! Families are certainly wonderful. What cute babies. ;)

Hannah Shields said...

Oh, too sweet!! Children are such a blessing :) And they are so beautiful in the pictures.
Glad you got to be with them for Christmas, its such a special time of year!!
Hannah S.

Kimberly Andrea said...

I LOVE the pic of Dan and baby Ed. He'd be such a good dad. :D

Esther W said...

Joanna is sooooo CUTE!!!!!!