Thursday, December 02, 2010


Home from the grocery store!

I stopped at two local grocery stores and Rite Aid. The total came to $72.75, but after coupons I only spent $19.65!

I'm stocked up on meat so only needed milk, eggs, fresh fruit, and a few vegetables. All of the pasta, cleaning supplies, and candy were completely free after coupons. (My man will be excited about the candy...he has a sweet tooth that especially likes anything fruity and chewy!!) And just in case you counted the ten boxes of pasta, it is definitely more than the two of us can use -- so I'm excited about donating most of it to our church's food pantry!


Jenna said...

I'm slowly starting to use a lot of coupons (and be blessed by the great deals!!) and it is encouraging to see other successful shopping trips!

Blessings to you:)

Charity U said...

It's true...I noticed all that food and thought "Wow! That's a lot for just her and Dan!" I think it's great that you're donating some. :) And congratulations on using all those coupons! It's a great feeling to do that. :)

Anna B. said...

You're incredible! When I come vist you (SOON) can you teach me everything you know?!!?

Madeline said...

Wow!! What a great deal!!
in Christ,
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Naomi said...

That is so encouraging... Thanks for sharing. I have so much to learn about this... and I'm definitely going to want to save as much money as I can when the times comes.

Addie said...

Wow Bethany! That's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Are the coupons only for Americans only?