Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas is coming

...and I'm so excited! Tonight I placed an order to get the Willow Tree Nativity Set mailed right to my door -- and didn't have to pay a penny (thanks to swagbucks!)

I already know where I'm going to display it during this joyous time of year when we celebrate Christ's birth.

Do you enjoy decorating for the season? What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


Rachel J said...

Ahhh... I love that Nativity set! We have quite a few Willow Tree figurines sitting on shelves, desks, and dressers around the house! :)
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is setting up our Nativity. It's a very beautiful set! I also love putting up the lights on the house! Beautiful.

God bless!

Hannah S. said...

Hey Bethany!!
What a wonderful time of year this truly is :) Christmas has always been such a special season!!! Yes, I love decorating for the holiday, I love decorating anytime, but it is just SO much fun this time of year. We normally don't have a christmas tree, but this year we are planning on having one!!!! What fun it will be to decorate it!!!!!
We have a bath and body business and we make it all at our home and we also have a lot of winter/christmas craft shows and our house can get quite over-looked during this time of year, so right after our last show, us older peeps will stay home (while the others go shopping) and CLEAN the house and then decorate, decorate, decorate!!!! And they get to come home to a nice clean and decorated house :)
Then we also make hundreds of cookies for christmas trays and give them to friends and such each year.
Thanks for the post,

Annie said...

I love the Willow Tree collection...especially the Nativity set! I was disappointed because it is so expensive, but hey, I could steal your idea and use Swagbucks too. =)
A tradition we started 3 years ago is that every year when the ornaments at Hobby Lobby go on sale (after Thanksgiving), we all go ornament shopping, and Mom buys an ornament for each child. =) That way, when we have our own home someday, we'll have a box of ornaments to decorate our own tree. I've been collecting all nativity ornaments thus far.

Charity U said...

What a sweet Nativity set!
My favorite Christmas tradition...would be celebrating at Opa and Oma's house. We have oyster stew (which I abhor) but better, we have about five big glass platters with a variety of foods. There's one for fruits, one for pickles/sardines/etc, one for crackers and cheeses, one for Christmasy desserts...yes, that's something I eagerly anticipate each year.

Lily said...

What a beautiful set, you must be so excited! I have noticed that it is normally quite expensive (well at least at our store), but hey, cheers for swagbucks!
Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and I am surprised that it has come around so fast again!
Well, Annie just mentioned our family's tradition, so I'd better save space. No use writing somethin' twice, of course. ;)
I very much enjoy decorating our home for the season and putting our Christmas lights on the exterior (and interior) of our home, but I still have to keep reminding myself that Christmas is about something alot more special. :D

God bless you,

Victoria Rose said...

My family puts up all our Christmas decorations the Saturday after Thanksgiving, while watching "White Christmas".

Jennifer said...

Watching Little Women while decorating my Christmas tree and putting out all the other decorations

Unknown said...

You got the Willow Tree nativity for free!!... that is SO awesome! Good job! :)

Rachel said...

What a pretty set! I have my eye on one I saw in the Christian Book Distributers catalog. :) My family and I plan to decorate our house for Christmas a week from tomorrow - a post-Thanksgiving tradition. :)