Tuesday, November 02, 2010



Anonymous said...

Good for you, Bethany! =)

David Kent said...

9:14 AM here. Your stickers are round just like ours! Our stickers for the past couple of years have had a very dark blue background with "I Voted Today!" along with the Big Dipper and North Star (to represent the State Flag) with the stars in yellow. I just know you and Dan were on pins and needles wanting to know that.

VOTE! (and probably also get a sticker you can put in your scrapbook).

Ladygreen said...

Good for you! Your stickers are nicer than Nebraska's though.....I might just have to move to VA :)

Lily said...

Good for you!!

(I'm not old enough *quite* yet.)

Lulu said...


Elizabeth. said...

I have enjoyed these "times of the day" posts! Thanks for sharing your recent happenings with us!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Hannah Shields said...

Our voting stickers are dark blue with the big dipper on them as well, I'm assuming that David Kent is from AK as well(?) The best state in America!!! Hey, who did you vote for for our US Senate seat David? I can't vote yet myself:( But my sister was staff on one of the campaigns, and I was a volunteer!!! That race still isn't over yet, they're in Juneau this week counting the rest of the ballots...still could be a tight race:)
Anyhow, if you see this David, please do respond. Thanks!!!

And Bethany...I hope you voted for the right people in your state as well...it's important!!!

David K said...

Hi Hannah!

First name starts with a J. and the last name has 6 letters, starts with an "M" and ends with an "r". ;-)

It's quite a show (unfortunately). I can see from my house the building in Juneau where the Division of Elections is (Court Plaza Building, otherwise known here as the Spam Can Building) but I don't have x-ray vision to see the "show" through the walls. I just wish I could enjoy it more than I am.


Hannah Shields said...

You're seriously are from Juneau?!!
What a small world!!! My sister (Harmony) is there right now...overseeing the counting!!!
You may not be able to see through the walls, but you can pray and we need alot of that right now!!! There are so many very corrupt people in the divisions of election that need to be honest and upright there this week!!!

Oh, and by the way...Joe Miller was the right one to vote for:) It has been alot of fun to work for him and for the future of our country.
Blessings, Hannah

Hannah S. said...

Oh, and David I looked at a lot of your weekly pictures of Juneau, they are completely and outstandingly beautiful. I hope my sister has time to enjoy the beauty there...and I may just have to put Juneau on my wish list of places to go!!!!