Thursday, September 23, 2010

Micah & Esther

September 4, 2010

For the beauty of the earth,

For the glory of the skies!

For the love which from our birth,

Over and around us lies;

Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This, our hymn of grateful praise.

For the joy of ear and eye,
For the heart and mind's delight;

For the mystic harmony,
Linking sense to sound and sight;

Lord of all, to Thee we raise
This, our hymn of grateful praise.

For the joy of human love,

Brother, sister, parent, child;

Friends on Earth and friends above,

For all gentle thoughts and mild;

Lord of all, to Thee we raise

This our hymn of grateful praise!!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful Bethany! I love them. :)

~Rachel Clarke

Laura said...

Very nice!!! Makes me think of my fall wedding. It will be one year in another month.

Erin said...

So pretty! I love the hymn you used.

no one said...

Those are beautiful, Bethany! As always, you do lovely work!

Praise God for yet another godly union!


Lydia said...

Beautiful! I always enjoy to see your pictures and hear what the Lord is doing in your life!


Charity U said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I love 'em!

Lily said...

She is so beautiful. The pictures are so beautiful! What lovely photos, and I especially love the one of the little flower girl. Luv 'em.

In Christ,

ajfcello said...

How beautiful!!! You take such gorgeous photos, Bethany!!! : )

Elizabeth. said...

What beautiful photography, Bethany! You must have had such fun photographing this special time! I especially love the photos of the flower girl and details (the ring, etc.)! Blessings, Bethany! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Annie said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love how you put the words to the hymn in between each picture, as you do with other weddings. =) The words seemed to flow/correspond perfectly with the pictures.
I would be terribly nervous to shoot a wedding...everything has to be *just so*. Yikes! What happens if you run out of battery or memory space? I suppose you always keep extras, but still, I am amazed at all the pressure that goes on you, and the pictures turn out wonderfully every single time! =)
Have a wonderful evening, Bethany!

Ali said...

abolutely beautiful photography bethany(as usual :D) thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Bethany!! What a special day that was. Glad you were able to share it with everyone!

ashley tahg said...

they are wonderful Bethany!
Micah looks like a younger version of your dad!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Bethany! Such beautiful autumn colors and beautiful pictures of love. I love the hymn you used, too. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting them Bethany! I love looking at any photos you take!


Ruth Ann said...

these are beautiful Bethany, as usual! What a precious gift you have done for this couple. :)

A Heart of Praise said...

Very nice photos!

Sarah Logan said...

What beautiful pictures!!!
I would love to get into photography like this.

I have a friend that looks like a younger version of Micah - almost exactly!! Funny!!

What a beautiful wedding!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE pictures. you did a great job.

Rebecca said...

awww, YAYAY!! beautiful pictures! :) great job!wat a blessed weekend that was, I am SO glad you were able to be part of it!:)
Rebecca Shepard

Unknown said...

Great photos Bethany! Looks like a wonderful day for everyone.

Sarah Ann said...

Hey Bethany,

I have been following your blog for a while now, and dearly love it! I especially like your photography! You do a wonderful job! Presently I feel the Lord leading me into photography, especially wedding photography. I see that you have taken pictures for many a wedding. I am wondering how you started out and if you could give me any tips as I start!! I still have yet to get a nice camera, so any tips on a camera would be great too! You can see some "post-wedding" pictures I took two weeks ago on my blog ( You can go there to find out how to contact me!

Thanks a million in advance!!! ;-)
Sarah Ann