Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2:12 pm

organizing my recipes
(and getting some fun new meal ideas in the meantime!)


Jenna said...

Organizing recipes and finding new ones to try is so much fun:)

When you get the time, I'd love to hear how you prepared for your marriage, how you kept your heart pure and how you worked through the courtship stage etc. (if you don't mind sharing!!).

It's a blessing to hear thoughts from Christian married couples who are serving the Lord with their whole heart. You and Dan are beautiful examples to all of us blog readers and I want to thank you for that:)

Thank you so much and have a blessed night, Bethany:)


Anonymous said...

Fun! :)

Erin said...

I need to organize our recipes as well Bethany... it's just one of those things that we have not got to lately :) You are right, it's a great way to get recipe ideas! God Bless you.


Hannah said...

What a neat picture! I love the colors and lighting!

Rachel said...

Love it! Wish I could be there to enjoy some of your amazing cooking! Curious about the new meal ideas!! ;)

<3 you!

Hannah Shields said...

Have lots of fun!!!
New meals are always great fun:))

Julianne said...

I would love to hear any new meal recipes you are up for sharing! I am always looking for some new ideas to try...especially ones with chocolate as an ingredient :)

JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Ah, the joy of discovering recipes. I love flipping through our binder of recipes and writing down which ones we need to still try, etc. Recipes are always delightful!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Gary and Christine said...

That is a fun task, but can be a bit daunting for me. I'm still adjusting (newly married too) and wondering should I do a 3-ring binder (many of our recipes are 8 1/2 x 11...printed off the Internet) but then we have lots of odd sized recipes handed down or given to us....so then I'm thinking, well I want to do a cute little recipe box. Perhaps there can be SEVERAL ways/books/boxes going at the same time, just so long as they're organized, right?

Any recipe you care to share? Right now we are doing e-mealz...an online recipe organizer linked with foods that are currently on sale at walmart. Sometimes I cook different meals, but at least it's something to look at/keep me paced, etc.

Happy cooking,

Lily said...

Good idea! :) I love finding new meal ideas. You should share some with all your blog readers! :D

amy said...

Hi Bethany!!

First off, I really enjoy your blog! And your photography is SO amazing!

I agree with Jenna's comment fully! If you don't mind sharing I would be interested in hearing your answers to her questions!

Have a lovely day, Bethany!

In Christ,

Charity U said...

Oh, Bethany, that looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love TOH recipes, the old ones (I have a bunch) and I love organizing...it looks like you have some terrific recipes. TOH has changed their format now...ads and stuff, if you aren't subscribed. It's sad. )-: But the old issues are still terrific to look at, and I often do.

Short story: I was with a friend driving somewhere or rather, riding, I wasn't driving, and she mentioned a recipe she's made. I immediately knew which TOH it had come from, and mentioned another recipe that I thought looked good from the same page. Her big brother, who was sitting in front of us, turned and said something like "You girls look at those magazines way too much if you know the other recipes on the same page." We laughed. (-:

Rachel said...

My mom has those same recipe cards. :) Happy homemaking!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful assortment of recipes! That's always such a fun job!

Maybe if you find some recipes you really like, you could share them with us! I love trying new things!