Wednesday, May 05, 2010


My camera has been slightly neglected lately, so to remedy that I ran around the house this afternoon, trying to find as many pink things as I could...

my iPod

a scarf that Susanna made for me!

(that I wore for my first date --
and my wedding day!)

my baby book

a daisy

odds n' ends

letter from little sisters

a candle


Sister~to~seven said...

I love all your pink! You take amazing pictures:)

Hope all is well at the Beasley home!!

Lulu said...

That's so cool. I like your iPod nano!! =D I agree with sister to do take amazing pix!!!

Erin said...

Great post!!! I love the color theme :) You have a nice iPod nano.... I have an iPod Touch and just love it.

Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Love the "pink" pictures!


Elizabeth. said...

Oh, how I love when you take photos of things of one color! What lovely shades of pink!
And how sweet of your sisters to send you letters and a lovely scarf! Blessings, Bethany!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Pink is always lovely; my favorite color! :)

Charity U said...

That's a really cool idea to take all those pink pictures! I love the angles you get with your camera. (-:

Anonymous said...

I love the color pink!:)
You are SUCH a good photographer!

Lily said...

I *luv* the color pink. =D Your pictures are wonderful! I like the pink iPod! My bedroom walls are pink so I'm used to a lot of the color. =D


P.S. That perfume looks like it smells really lovely! :)

Annie said...

You have a pink do I! =) Except mine is a mini shuffle instead of a nano. Anyway, the scarf and letters from your sisters are so sweet.
Thanks for sharing! I hope you do more color posts in the future! ;)
Rejoicing in Christ,

~AnneGirl~ said...

love the pinks!! makes me smile

Anonymous said...


My sister has the same baby book!!

Ihave been looking at your blog for a while and have really been enjoying it.


Kenna said...

Loved the pink photos!
You're a very good photographer. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! :D But I must say I liked your "Green" from a while back much better:D But this is perfect for all those pink lovers:)

~ An Indiana Aquaintance:D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your Nano!! I have the same kind, but it's blue. I wish I had a pink one... *sigh* lol
YOu take such great pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany I have a question for you concerning photography.... but I'd rather email about it. Would you be willing to send me your address? Thanx!

amanda said...

Hey Bethany, luv your pics! what kind of camrea/lense do you have? Where did you learn photography?

Anonymous said...

O wow!! I luv your pictures... you do such a good job! And pink is my favorite colour...

Lulu (Google account won't work) said...

Hey Bethany-Me again-but our family receives the HSLDA Magazine:Court Report and this month I was reading it, and, to my surprise, found an article which mentioned 'legal assistant Dan Beasley'. :) It was cool to read that!! =D

Anonymous said...

You really should do more color posts I love it : )