Saturday, April 03, 2010

Washington DC

Moving to the east coast has had its least for this Nebraska girl!

For example: in the same amount of time it used to take us to drive to church on Sunday mornings, we can now buckle our seat belts and drive (fight traffic!) to our nation's capitol, Washington DC. For just an afternoon...or a whole day...or whenever friends visit and we want to see the sights!

Justin and Alicia live just a few hours south of us and it was such a delight to have them visit last month!

Stopping for a quick picture while touring the US Botanic Gardens.
Doesn't the dragon add such a nice 'romantic' touch?!

Rachel and Elizabeth were here for several days, and then most of Dan's classmates all got together for a weekend! Since the Oak Brook College of Law is a distance learning school, they hailed from California, Virginia, and Idaho. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these budding lawyers discuss and debate everything and anything!

Good food, games, lots of laughter and teasing, sightseeing...

and yes, even more debating and discussing!

Enjoying supper before saying good byes...
From left to right: Joel, Dan, myself, Michael, Tom, Abby (Tyler's sister), Tyler, and Elliot.

Dan and I still find ourselves consulting maps as we tour the famous city...I think we need a few more visitors to show around and then maybe we'll get it all figured out!! [smile] The cherry blossoms are at their peak this weekend, so Dan and I headed in yesterday to enjoy the beauty. I did take my camera -- so stay tuned for pictures!


Lily said...

Don't need to tell me to stay tuned...(smile) Looks like a fun time with Dan! (and friends of course) I didn't realize that you were that close to Washington, D.C. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,

This is a grocery tip. My family (normally of 8 until this past year) lives an hour or two south of you. I was showing my Mom your money saving endevours. She wondered whether you have a Save-a-lot near by. Save-a-lot has been our #1 grocery store for basics. I don't know if you and Dan care about brand names, if not Save-a-lot might be helpful for addtional savings. You can look on their website for store locations and coupons. Every store might be different though (ours is a small town grocery that has had MANY names before joining Save-a-lot stores).
Hope this helps! I'm blessed by your homemaking endeavors. It excites me, if God blesses me with my own home one day.

Blessings and a very joyful Easter,

A sis in christ

Rejoice We Serve A Risen Lord!

Kenna said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with everybody!
Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

Michael said...

Awesome! I had such a great time with you guys!!!!

Jenna said...

How fun to see pictures of our friend Elliot, on your blog:) We live about 10 minutes from his parents home in MI, and worshipped at the same Church with them for several years...

Anyways, have a BLESSED day Bethany and thank you for the blessing of your blog!