Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Have ya'll ever heard of swagbucks?

I hadn't until recently, and am now permanently hooked.

Get this -- just by doing my normal blogging/research/shopping on-line, I've made over $20 in amazon gift cards in the last 2 months!! I was a little skeptical when I first heard about them, but they are not spam and really do earn points that can be redeemed.

Search & Win

The way it works is:
Head over to swagbucks and sign up -- then download their handy little toolbar (powered by google), and begin searching and winning! To make the most of swagbucks, I use that search engine for everything, even web addresses I already have memorized! Just now I logged into my e-mail and won 10 more swagbucks.

Before I'd heard about these things called 'swagbucks', I'd type the full address in...but now I type "blogger" in the search engine, and yes, it does take a few more seconds to click through to the web page, but (this is the exciting part) a few seconds here and there has given me over $20 in gift cards in two months time! (And I will mention that I don't sit around all day doing random searches in hopes of winning more as that would not be a good steward of the time and responsibilities I have!)

Usually swagbucks are won in increments of 10, but occasionally you'll win big with 30, 40, or 50. After letting them pile up, you can then redeem them for prizes (the amazon gift card being my favorite at 450 SB). Oh -- and did I mention that you can also earn swagbucks by referring friends?! [smile] So if you would happen to sign up using one of the links I've given and begin winning swagbucks, it does help me out, too. If you don't, I'll never know. But I wanted to let you know that this is one more small way I've been able to save/make money!

Swagbucks will enable us to get free law books for this dashingly handsome law student at my house, or we can use them for birthday and Christmas presents for family, or... you name it!

Search & Win

Maybe $20 in gift cards doesn't seem like much, but it is surprising to see how a little here or a little there can go a long way. And...
20 x 6 = $120 worth of gift cards in a years time, without much effort at all!

If you join now, you'll be awarded 30 swagbucks to get started.

AND -- they also have special offers you can complete for extra SB. Most of them aren't worth the hassle, but they do have one running right now that is definitely worth it. Click through swagbucks special offers and sign up for a free account with Clark Color. You'll automatically be awarded 40 free 4x6 prints. Pay $3 S&H, and not only do you get 40 prints inexpensively, (don't we always have pictures we want to develop?!) and you'll also earn enough SB for a $5 amazon gift card! (The Clark Color offer can be found on Wall 2, page 2 of their special offers).
I will also mention -- most on-line places automatically develop pictures with a high-gloss finish, whereas when ordering through the web, I've always been happier with the matte finish. But that could just be personal preference!

Have any of you already had success with swagbucks? If so, I'd love to hear how it has helped you and your family!

"She looketh well to the ways of her household,
and eateth not the bread of idleness."
Proverbs 31:7


Ellie said...

Definitely. Just about all the women in my church are into swagbucks. Gotta love it!

Brittney said...

YES... I've lost track of how many gift cards I've earned. REALLY comes in handy when I only have to pay for a fraction of an expensive amazon order. :) Cool thing is, I currently have enough saved up for $45 in amazon gift cards.... AND COUNTING :) LOVE swagbucks. :)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it....but it sounds familiar.

Just signed up using the 'join now' link from your blog site, so hopefully you will get 'swagbucks' for that.

Thanks...anytime we can save on items or earn extra freebies is always a good thing.


Andrea Herrlinger said...

:-) :-) I was definitely skeptical at first too, but after $100 in Amazon and itunes gift cards used, I'm hooked. I definitely don't like the search engine as well as google, and usually still use google when I'm *really* looking for some serious, and/or hard to find information, but I love the tips you gave about using it to search for frequently used sites.

I just noticed my referral to you just hit 1,000! :-) Now I need to be off to find some other people to sign up! ;-)

Our Army of Six said...

Yep, I have heard of it lots, but also worried I might become "too" hooked. But I never thought of using it to do my normal activity. I will sign up through one of your links. Especially if it will help with those law books!!!

Ruth W. said...

My sister has used swagbucks and from what i've seen, they're awesome!! Can't beat free amazon money!!

Laurissa Herrlinger said...

I've got it! I have got and used about $25 worth of amazon cards already and just earned my 14 swagbucks this morning and could get another $5 gift card!!
I love it! But it would be much more worth it if I had more friends signed up under me!!

Megan.Margaret said...

:) This makes me smile. I started swagbucks awhile ago too. Although, I am not the great swag-buckaneer that you are (not even 200 bucks yet). Alas, Alas. :)

Johan said...

I also use swagbucks. Can't beat free books.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
I just signed up. :) There wasn't any place to type in who referred me, so I assume you get the credit just from me following the link on your blog.
Thanks for all the money saving/making ideas!

Annie said...

Wow, what a great find, Bethany! I'll have to look into it. :)

Annie said...

P.S. Cute username Bethany! So sweet...DansLuv. :)

Lily said...

Good idea, Bethany. I'd never heard of it before, but looks cool!
Oh and I think a guest post by Dan would be neat. It wouldn't exactly be a 'guest' post, but I think it would be nice. Anyways, its your blog and you can do whatever you like! That's just one of my opinions. Have a good day!

Creativeschmidt said...

I love Swagbucks! I've been using it for a year and have mostly redeemed my points for Amazon giftcards but have also earned $50 in restaurant giftcards (from restaurant.com). This past month I ordered 3 (new) books off Amazon and paid just over $3 out-of-pocket. LOVE. IT. :)

Erin said...

Thank's so much for the post! I will have to check this out.

Grace said...

Sounds like an amazing thing! I'm not doubting your word, but I'm just wondering... how do you know it's not a scam or something like that? I would love to sign up but I want to make sure it's a legit thing first.

Thank you!


Susan said...

I am loving swagbucks too! I started around the beginning of the year and I just kick myself I didn't start sooner! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the lead on the photo offer- it has taken me three months to get enough for a five dolar amazon but that is still good for just searching- do you know how to join friends if you are already signed up as a member?