Friday, April 30, 2010

Precious times

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grocery shopping

I hit some great deals at the grocery store again this week...

1 bag of sunchips - FREE
2 packets of taco seasoning - FREE
3 bagel bites snacks @ $0.33 each
3 packages of lunch meat - @ $2.23 each (normally $3.99)
2 yoplait yogurts @ $0.29 each (normally $1.19)
3 boxes of ziploc bags @ $1.26 each
1 box kashi cereal - FREE
6 boxes of cereal - FREE plus overage
bananas @ $1.06
chuck roast @ $6.37

I'm sure you all are thinking "SIX BOXES OF COLD CEREAL?! WHAT?!" [grin] Believe me, I'm thinking the same thing. We don't eat it that much, but I was being paid to take it!

Here's the scoop:
Our local grocery store had a deal of buy 6 boxes of General Mills cereal and not only would they automatically deduct $10 from your bill, but they also would give you a coupon for $9 in free dairy products! So...after coupons the cereal cost me $14.44. Minus $10 brought it down to $4.44, then with the $9 for milk/dairy items, they paid me $4.56 to take six boxes of cereal home!

The total was $76.98, but I only spent $26.95.
And after a $5 rebate for the ziploc bags and coupons good for $9 in free dairy products next time,
the total comes to $12.95!
A savings of $64.03!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

A few more excerpts

...A grateful woman will be a breath of fresh air in a world contaminated by bitterness and discontentment. And the person whose gratitude is a by-product of and a response to the redeeming grace of God will showcase the heart of the gospel in a way that is winsome and compelling.

...God's desire is not just to see us doing grateful things but to see us doing grateful things out of the overflow of a truly grateful heart.

...How grateful to God are you when no one else is looking?

-Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"Let all those rejoice who put their trust in You...
Let those who love your name be joyful in You."
Psalms 5:11

Friday, April 23, 2010

NCHEA 2010: The drama

A visit to the blacksmiths leads to a lively discussion regarding King George.

Back home, Elias & Susanna Hart discuss the uncertain future in light of current events.

And enjoy a social gathering amongst the neighbors.

"But if we stop drinking tea, what will we drink for our afternoon -- tea?!?!"

Contemplating a trip to the bustling town of Boston.

"What will Boston be like?!"

The grand, but orderly Boston Tea Party

"I'm lost!"

"But why are you dressed like an Indian?!"

Returning home to find the unexpected -- their barn destroyed by the Tories.

"When did this happen?"

"We must forgive them"

"We are the Minutemen!"

The Battle
Bandaging the wounded


"What is this freedom you died for?"

"Its easy! Just watch and learn!"

British war plans

On guard duty

Reporting to General Washington

The war is over!!!

"The fight for liberty is never over. As long as there are men and women bound by the chains of sin, the war will continue. It’s not just about a country seeking freedom. That kind of freedom is important, but it can only be maintained as the people in that land have personal liberty through Jesus Christ.

This is the war we continue to fight.

"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

John 8:36

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Candid

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


...carried around in one's heart for years,
if they are dreams that have God's approval,
have a way of suddenly materializing.
-C Marshall

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Have ya'll ever heard of swagbucks?

I hadn't until recently, and am now permanently hooked.

Get this -- just by doing my normal blogging/research/shopping on-line, I've made over $20 in amazon gift cards in the last 2 months!! I was a little skeptical when I first heard about them, but they are not spam and really do earn points that can be redeemed.

Search & Win

The way it works is:
Head over to swagbucks and sign up -- then download their handy little toolbar (powered by google), and begin searching and winning! To make the most of swagbucks, I use that search engine for everything, even web addresses I already have memorized! Just now I logged into my e-mail and won 10 more swagbucks.

Before I'd heard about these things called 'swagbucks', I'd type the full address in...but now I type "blogger" in the search engine, and yes, it does take a few more seconds to click through to the web page, but (this is the exciting part) a few seconds here and there has given me over $20 in gift cards in two months time! (And I will mention that I don't sit around all day doing random searches in hopes of winning more as that would not be a good steward of the time and responsibilities I have!)

Usually swagbucks are won in increments of 10, but occasionally you'll win big with 30, 40, or 50. After letting them pile up, you can then redeem them for prizes (the amazon gift card being my favorite at 450 SB). Oh -- and did I mention that you can also earn swagbucks by referring friends?! [smile] So if you would happen to sign up using one of the links I've given and begin winning swagbucks, it does help me out, too. If you don't, I'll never know. But I wanted to let you know that this is one more small way I've been able to save/make money!

Swagbucks will enable us to get free law books for this dashingly handsome law student at my house, or we can use them for birthday and Christmas presents for family, or... you name it!

Search & Win

Maybe $20 in gift cards doesn't seem like much, but it is surprising to see how a little here or a little there can go a long way. And...
20 x 6 = $120 worth of gift cards in a years time, without much effort at all!

If you join now, you'll be awarded 30 swagbucks to get started.

AND -- they also have special offers you can complete for extra SB. Most of them aren't worth the hassle, but they do have one running right now that is definitely worth it. Click through swagbucks special offers and sign up for a free account with Clark Color. You'll automatically be awarded 40 free 4x6 prints. Pay $3 S&H, and not only do you get 40 prints inexpensively, (don't we always have pictures we want to develop?!) and you'll also earn enough SB for a $5 amazon gift card! (The Clark Color offer can be found on Wall 2, page 2 of their special offers).
I will also mention -- most on-line places automatically develop pictures with a high-gloss finish, whereas when ordering through the web, I've always been happier with the matte finish. But that could just be personal preference!

Have any of you already had success with swagbucks? If so, I'd love to hear how it has helped you and your family!

"She looketh well to the ways of her household,
and eateth not the bread of idleness."
Proverbs 31:7

Monday, April 05, 2010

He is Risen!

This past weekend as I reflected on Christ's unfathomable demonstration of His love...heard many moving songs...listened to a message that again reminded me of my filthiness and God's majesty, holiness, and awesome mercy, I couldn't help but also ponder a verse I memorized in Philippians.

"Only let your conduct
be worthy
of the gospel of Christ."
Philippians 1:27

We see the cross. We have beautiful ones hanging in our churches. We wear it on a chain around our neck. We have t-shirts with it printed on. But have we forgotten the message of the cross? The message of the gospel?

Christ's sacrifice calls for a response.
To those who believe -- a response worthy of the Gospel.

If our lives have been transformed by the gospel, we need to be intent on living to honor the gospel that gave us life. How tragic to receive the riches of the gospel and then to live as a spiritual pauper. How disgraceful to be saved from death by the blood of Christ and then show no reverence for that sacrifice. How foolish to accept such love from Christ and then to resent what He asks in return.

The way we live our lives ought to be a tribute to the matchless grace that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has bestowed on us. The way we live ought to be worthy of the King who has chosen us.
-Henry Blackaby

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Washington DC

Moving to the east coast has had its least for this Nebraska girl!

For example: in the same amount of time it used to take us to drive to church on Sunday mornings, we can now buckle our seat belts and drive (fight traffic!) to our nation's capitol, Washington DC. For just an afternoon...or a whole day...or whenever friends visit and we want to see the sights!

Justin and Alicia live just a few hours south of us and it was such a delight to have them visit last month!

Stopping for a quick picture while touring the US Botanic Gardens.
Doesn't the dragon add such a nice 'romantic' touch?!

Rachel and Elizabeth were here for several days, and then most of Dan's classmates all got together for a weekend! Since the Oak Brook College of Law is a distance learning school, they hailed from California, Virginia, and Idaho. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these budding lawyers discuss and debate everything and anything!

Good food, games, lots of laughter and teasing, sightseeing...

and yes, even more debating and discussing!

Enjoying supper before saying good byes...
From left to right: Joel, Dan, myself, Michael, Tom, Abby (Tyler's sister), Tyler, and Elliot.

Dan and I still find ourselves consulting maps as we tour the famous city...I think we need a few more visitors to show around and then maybe we'll get it all figured out!! [smile] The cherry blossoms are at their peak this weekend, so Dan and I headed in yesterday to enjoy the beauty. I did take my camera -- so stay tuned for pictures!