Thursday, October 09, 2008

Xi'an weekend

So someone was bugging me today to blog more...
(my poor blog has been rather abandoned lately).

And as I've been thinking about my summer in China the past few days, I thought I'd share a few more random pictures from a weekend trip we took to Xi'an...

Chinese paper cut -- jumbo size!

We were able to go see the Terracotta Warriors, and though it was fascinating to see them -- it was just as interesting to hear the history behind it all. The warriors were built as part of an emperor's grave site. A man may conquer the world, but without Christ, death is a terrifying thing!
These Warriors have been pieced together from fragments. For those working with the pieces, they consider it a really, REALLY good day if they found two that fit!!

Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!

A rare -- but welcome sight. A western toilet!!

Xi'an's ancient city wall

Enjoying beef noodle soup...with chopsticks!!

The Olympic games started while we were over there; flags and festive displays were everywhere. So fun to see!

Such precious memories.


Anonymous said...

so cool! thanks for sharing. it was great to see more 'china' pics.
God bless.
p.s if i sounded lame there, it's because i only woke up a few minutes ago:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures as always Bethany! I love to see your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Bethany. I love to see your pictures all the time!!! Kimberly.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

In Japan, it was considered rude if we didn't slurp our soup. Was it the same there?
Great pictures!

Goldfish said...

What settings and edits did you do for the picture with Noah and Kori looking at the camera? And that last picture is abslutely gorgeous.

Noelle Otto said...

Great photos Bethany! I LOVE the last one, and the one with Kori and Noah looking at the pictures.

Ruth Ann said...

what fun! I LOVE that last picture...meanwhile wondering how you did it... It's amazing, Bethany!

Love you!
Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to post in spite of your extremely busy schedule, Bethany!

How did you get the shot of the your remember what f/? did you used? I am taking the NYIP Pro course now (thanks for the recommendation!), and finally everything is making a lot more sense! Thank you!


Bethany said...

...the picture of the bridge was handheld at f5.6 :: 1/30 shutter speed :: 200 ISO

I'd have to go double check, but to know that I nailed the shot -- I think I under-exposed one, then over-exposed one as well. :)

Bethany said...

Ellie --
no, we didn't have to slurp the soup in order to be polite... :)

Goldfish --
it was a bright sunny day, and since their faces were in the shadows, I turned my flash on to brighten them a bit. Then when going into photoshop, I just added lots of contrast...quite easy, really. :D

Johan said...

Nice pictures! That last one must be the best night shot I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Yay! More china picture!! :) Such fun memories!!
I LOVE the bridge one!! SO SO SO COOL! :)
Love you, Bethany! :)

Emily said...

Awesome pictures!! I just went to a BJU college visit thing this past week [wed-sat] and our 'guide' I guess you could say was in China a lot this year and last year teaching at a university! He got to do a lot of things in and around the different cities too! He was showing us pictures and lots of stories about some of their names and other things. It was really cool! I'm sure you guys probably experienced similar things as well!


Anonymous said...

I like 'paper-cut' photo, how fun!
The last one is really neat, too!

Thanks for sharing some more of China with us :)


SS said...

I have one question about those soldiers. Those were just clay figures right, not real people?

The Real Katie said...

WOW!!! How awesome it must have been to be there when the Olympics started!

Anonymous said...

You did "nail" the shot of the bridge. Great job.

Gabriela said...

Mmmmmm, chinese food... I want chinese food! Neat pics.