Friday, May 30, 2008

Justin & Alicia

I think it is the season of love here in Nebraska! I had the delight of doing yet another engagement session yesterday -- aren't they a precious couple?!

Congratulations Justin and Alicia!!!


Lesley said...

Oh how absolutely precious!!! Bethany, your pictures are wonderful! I love the one with the cowboy hats.:)
Congratulations to Justin and Alicia!! I'm so excited for Alicia....more than words can say!
Can't wait to see the wedding pictures!;)

~Tori~ said...

They are the cutest couple - they go so good together! Great pictures, always!

Anonymous said...

these pics are extra cute or something :)

Goldfish said...

I think the third is my favorite. Very creative, bethany. I'll anxiously be awaiting the wedding pics, but even more so the one in September! ;) Is Rachel going to blog more details about it soon?...

See you in nine days!!!!!!!!!