Friday, May 09, 2008

Fhoto Friday

You are probably wondering if I have forgotten about "Fhoto Friday." No, I haven't! But life has been extremely full. And to make up for the absence of photography posts on the Friday's over the past few months, I was really hoping to have a packed post today; but life has a way of changing hopes.

Our wash machine is broken, and for the past eight days we've been trying to get it fixed, with no success. In a family of 15, eight days is the max for going without clean laundry. So this morning I ended up filling three overflowing laundry hampers and four garbage sacks and spent the morning at the laundry mat plugging quarters and washing clothes. And because I don't have much time tonight, you'll have to be satisfied with something short and random. But we have clean clothes -- so you all should be happy, anyway.

I know I am. [grin]

A random heads up:

For those of you who enjoyed the most recent photography class that HP offered, they have begun another one! This time on Camera Composition: changing your perspective. Once again a lot of basics are covered, but if you are a beginner and trying to learn, it is sometimes a challenge to know where to start! Some very excellent material is covered in the little bit of this course that I have seen.

Disclaimer: Due to the class being in progress, I have not been able to preview all the content. Although this site is reasonably safe, I am not responsible for content that is not appropriate. Proceed at your own discretion.

Question & answer:
Where do you develop your pictures? And what is the best quality development you have used?

Currently, I am just using Walmart's photo center, mostly for convenience sake. I know there are several places online that have excellent quality, though I have not taken the time to pursue them yet. [snapfish -- winkflash -- shutterfly -- mpix -- just to name a few.] Since I have not done much in this area at all, I'd love to hear input from the rest of you. What do you use? And what have you found works best? I'd love to hear your comments!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I use Walmart right now, too. It is convenient! I have found that their pictures can be really good quality and clear. They have 2 different boxes that you can put discs of pics. into, and the big yellow one (where you can duplicate photos) reads them better than the gray box made especially for discs/memory cards.
Down the road from here a little ways there is a professional photo printing place (JD Photo Imaging). I am going to check them out very soon. They take orders online, I think. They do a great job with photos, and many studios from all around the state (and further) use them.
I, too, would love to hear where you go for your photo needs! :)
-Esther (Flint, MI)

Goldfish said...

Kind of ironic. Today I was lookling through your Fhoto Friday post prior and wondering, "will Bethany ever do another?" :) I don't doubt that your life is extrememly full. It always is!! :D
As for q & a: I just print pictures at home. I too have to explore more options for that aspect of digital photography. :) Way too many pictures have been waiting to be printed for months, some almost for a year. :/ oops

One month!!

Anonymous said...

We just print ours at home too :)

Fhoto Friday! Yay!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I use Snapfish. Their prints come out very nice and clear.. I have used it a few times, but I have tons of pictures on the computer that should be printed!:)

Unknown said...

We use a combination of Snapfish and printing at home...they both work well :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Fhoto Friday isn't dead! I haven't printed much since ditching 35mm, but the photos that I have printed I print at Bimart (in Oregon). I discovered that the prints-in-minutes (25 cents) are less grainy and higher quality than the prints-in-days (15 cents), although there are a couple tiny spots where there is no ink on the prints-in-minutes. Hope that helps. :-)

Anonymous said...

A broken washer?!!!! Bless your heart! I know how serious it is in our family when that happens, and we only have 8! It favorably brings up the idea of only having 2 outfits per person per week! ;-)

Wolf Camera (Ritz) is our photo developer along with our own computers and printers. I am so glad that you are still planning to do the Fhoto Friday posts! I was worried that it had gotten bumped because of all the other things that you do! :D


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in taking the course, (if my parents allow it) and was wondering if it costs anything. I didn't see it on the site, but wondered if you knew. Thanks, and I love your blog! It really has helped me in being creative with photographing.
~Rachel, age 13

Bethany said...

The course is completely free!! I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I have one more question. Right now our family, (even though I use it the most) have a 2001 Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. Even though it takes O.K. pictures, I would like to buy my own really nice digital camera. Do you have any sugestions on what might be a good thing to get--one that could last a really long time and take great pictures? Thanks for answering my question!

Bethany said...

Hey Rachel! If you are looking at a new camera, check out They have loads of information!

I would recommend a camera with at least 5 to 6 megapixels. Beyond that, there are so many options, and it depends how much money you want to spend. The D-SLR (digital single lense reflex) cameras are much more professional and will last much longer than point and shoot cameras, but they will also be much more expensive. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! Happy camera shopping!

Unknown said...

I like your photo Fridays. Even though photography isn't my specialty, I enjoy reading the tips you give.

Hannah C. said...

I've used winkflash before. I was happy with the color, and the price. I printed about 1000 pictures. (For a massive scrap-booking project that I haven't gotten done yet -scrapbooks for each child in my family covering their life.) You do have to make sure your photos are sized right for the size you choose to print. I failed to do so on a few pictures and ended up with a few cropped heads, but I think that would go for any photo place.

Anonymous said...

Hi always I greatly enjoy and am inspired by your photography (even if you do use a Nikon!) I print some pictures at home (though the quality and life isn't the best with using an inkjet) but I also have done my pro printing(for graduation or other asignment pictures) with Mpix! I really like their quality and fast shipping and from reviews I learned that they are used by lots of professionals! Their pricing isnt too bad either comparing the qualities Mpix beats all!
Ya they may not do some things that other local small developers do(I just inquired about foil stamping and they don't do that) but for being online and not having to download onto a cd and travel I would highly recommend them!

Blessings on your travels and photoging!
Grace Sauve

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH! Sorry I keep asking questions, but how old were you when you really started loving photography?

Bethany said...

How old was I?! That is a tough one.... I didn't take any pictures until I was at least 6 or 7, and then from there it was sporadic. At the age of 13 our family got a digital camera, and one could say I used it the most. Then I didn't get a really nice camera or even pursue learning until 4 years ago (I was 17/18) it has been fairly recent! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,

I took color slides before digital, and with color slides, without an internegative (read: expensive) prints generally don't come out well.

After going to digital since Kodachrome slide film is effectively dead (sigh) which is a whole other subject; what few prints I make are done at home with a photo printer. When we want prints for family and friends we use Fred Meyer (Kroger in other than the Northwest U.S) and I guess the results are OK, good enough anyway for 3 x 5's and 4 x 6's. Otherwise we make CD's and mail them and let the receiver do what they want.

Being on dial-up, the online outfits just won't work. Besides which, I don't like financial transactions over the internet. :-)

Sorry to hear about your washing machine troubles!

Anonymous said...

I use both shutterfly and mpix for my photos. I buy a pre-paid print plan (500 prints at a time) for 4x6" prints from shutterfly. I'm satisfied with the quality and the prints are delivered through the mail (a plus since I don't like shopping). I tried Wal-mart prints but wasn't satisfied with the quantity.

I also love shutterfly's photo books. You put in your photos and text, choose your background, size, color, etc. and end up with an impressive book. Recently I blended photos with words from a Psalm. It is a beautiful book and would be useful for memorization or to give as a gift.

I use mpix for my "good" photos (enlargements or graduation photos). The photos are reasonably priced. If you get a chance, try their metallic finish. It's fun for wallet size (graduation) prints. The disadvantage of mpix is that your photos are only kept online for a limited amount of time (3 months I think). Shutterfly has unlimited storage.

Amy (Midland, Michigan)

Anonymous said...

I use Snapfish - it's easy, free and has a much better print quality than Wal-Mart. I used to use Wal-Mart for the 35mm, but since I've had a digital, I've found Snapfish to be much better! :) And cheaper per print - even after the postage and tax is added.

Thank you for keeping up your blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I love that of picture Bethany. Kimberly Ruth Wiebe.

Maiden Of Virtue said...

We use Snapfish, but we just signed up for . Right now, they are having a promotion for 400 free prints just for signing up.

We have been uploading all our pictures and the pictures seem to be high quality.


Jessica said...

I use shutterfly, they do great pictures! But if I need pictures in a hurry I use Walgreens or Walmart.