Thursday, May 08, 2008

1 Thessalonians 3:12

"May the Lord make you increase and abound in love..."

The true measure of loving God
is to love without measure.

-St. Bernard


Ruth Ann said...

wow, what a great thought!

"true measure is to not measure..." (summing it up!)

Thanks Bethany!!

Abby said...

Thanks for posting, Bethany, and I must say that the photo is beautiful!!

How are you these days?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany! I found your blog through Maidens of Worth. I love it! Especially all the great photos. :) Check out mine sometime at:

~Princess S

Unknown said...

Again, great verse and great quote.

Matt said...

Very nice, Bethany. It makes you feel like your laying on your back just enjoying a beautiful day. Ahhhhh!

Follow In His Steps said...

Thank you for sharing both the verse and the quote, Bethany! (and the beautiful photo. :)

I looked at the definition for "abound" in our dictionary, and it reads "to be in great plenty; to be very prevalent." Is this the measure of the 1 Corinthians 13 love in my life? Very convicting!

Thank you again for sharing! :)


Anonymous said...

That is probably the most beautiful picture you have ever put on your site. Kimberly Ruth Wiebe.