Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recipe for a Snowman

:: make sure you have plenty of heavy, wet snow available ::

:: and lots of ambitious helpers ::
:: roll the snow into large, LARGE balls ::
:: but not too large to discourage the stacking crew ::

:: carefully pack snow into the cracks for sturdiness ::
(Caution - flying snow could easily turn into a snowball war!)

:: extra equipment (such as a ladder) will come in handy ::

:: boots and mittens are also a must ::

:: it certainly helps to have sturdy young men spear-heading the project ::

:: though all assistance is welcomed ::

:: finally, treat your snowman with tender care ::

:: and congratulate yourself on the teamwork ::

:: 'cuz coming face to face with a good snowman is a rare privilege ::


ladygreen said...

Wow!!!! That is quite an impressive snow man! It looks like you are all having a wonderful time.
I miss you a lot though...can't wait till you get back!

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

I love the post! Great pictures, as always, and great work to the crew! Are these old pictures, or have you been somewhere where ther is snow?

Lady Ruth Ann said...

love it! and I especially agree with the last part: :: 'cuz coming face to face with a good snowman is a rare privilege :: That part is SO TRUE 'cause I've never seen that much snow for real in my entire life. Just been my dreams to see that part of God's wonderful creation. Here in FL we barely have a winter...and well, you get the picture. (like having a bbq in Jan/Feb like Rachel posted!) Although when I was 2 in 1989 we had very minimal snow...but that was so long ago...

Anyhow, I love the recipe and hope I can try it one day!! :) Thanks for sharing such great smiles!!

Melodie said...

That is HUGE!! I'll have to remember that recipe. :he he: Good times!



elizabeth said...

Wow-- what a awesome snowman!! I can imagine what a absolutely wonderful time they had creating him.....snow is soo much fun!
Great pictures, Bethany!!

The DeLadurantey Sisters said...

Thats great, I love it!
Looks like you all had a great time!

Out of all the snow men I've built, I've never done one quite that large!
Hannah DeLadurantey


How fun!! It's definitely bigger than any snowman we have ever tried making! :)

Lesley said...

What fun! I've never seen such a tall snowman! Did you happen to give him a name?:)

Abby Martin said...

Fun! Man, the weather today was beautiful where I live, and tomorrow it's supposed to be close to 80! I love warm weather! Cool snowman! :))

Goldfish said...

I just hope the snowman doesn't have the appetite ofthe people in the last two pictures!!
A couple years ago, Susan and those 'other' Erbeles made a similar snowman. (Except, they used a payloader to get the top balls on the top :) Ah, good times, good times.

Stephanie said...

What can I say? That is the biggest snowman I have ever seen! It looks like it would have been loads of fun to make though. Hope to hear from you soon Bethany.

Amber said...

SNOW? In APRIL? Where are you guys?
That looks like it was a lot of fun to make. We've never made one quite that big!
Here, we'd have to add to the recipe slightly: "Get the youngest brother to go around the yard and shovel all avalible snow into a wheelbarrow, and cart it back to the snowman-making site, so that you have enough snow to build with!" :)

Bethany said...

Hey folks -- we are in Minnesota -- the land that should be famous for spring storms that bring 15 inches of snow!!!

Dustynne said...

LOL -- that was hysterical! Left me chuckling :)
Wish I could have been there to see that! I think the tallest snowman I ever made (with help from my Mom, when I was 9 or 10) was about 5 feet or less. :P

Then again, living in Pennsylvania (at the time) didn't leave us with a whole lot of snow anyway!

Love you!

Karen said...

Wow, thats a BIG snowman!! ANd looks like loads of fun!!!! Seems kinda funny to think of snow living down here in the south!!!! I loved playing in the snow though,growing up in NY!!!!

Kori said...

Did you name it!?! A snowman that big deserves a name! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey PS, I really like the hat/earmuffs or whatever you call "it". Weather is hotter and muggy here. Bummer with the snow, makes finding a new leaf hard.-LOL

Anonymous said...

That must have been hard to make. lol.

Lacey Martin said...

Oh my goodness, Bethany! Where in the world did you get all that snow? That's probably the biggest snowman I've ever seen. Puts Frosty in the dust. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear me! SO much snow you can do SUCH a huge snowman?? Wooooow!
Funny! I had a good laugh! :D

~Miss Aleks Klahn~ said...

Wow its huge!!

Greer Family said...

That was a great post! And creative wording on the recipe too!
Who says there's nothing to do in Minnesota when it snows?? LOL!
A few Wissman kids, some clever planning, and presto! Instant fun!

Thanks for the pictures! They brightened an otherwise dreary sunny day here in SoCAL!!

Hannsie said...

Love the post Bethany! Didn't we have fun? What great memories we all will have of your visit here. I think the photographers had as much fun as those that were building it! Beth and Hannah Schoenfelder

C.W.Holeman III said...

Great snowman!

NellBell said...

Hello Bethany,

I am a friend of both Brittney Hobein's and Kim Atnip's (met at different times and different places). Since they both have a blog, that's how I found out about your blog and your family's blog. I loved this post - even though it was a long time ago. I'm commenting because of a contest that I was informed about... It's a photo contest for your most memorable holiday photo. I'm not claiming to know what your most memorable moment is, but I thought of these pictures you had in this post. The contest is through UPromise (a college savings program) that I signed up for but don't use very often. All you have to do is sign up with UPromise (www.upromise.com) and enter a favorite holiday photo with a 50 word (or less) description. The contest is "over" the 23rd of October.

By the way, I love your blog! And I think it would be great to get to go listen to your family in Branson this winter... I don't live very far away!

God bless you all!