Monday, March 03, 2008

Through the window

As our family puts many, many miles on the road, we tend to see quite a variety of scenery as we travel. None of these pictures are stunning or a masterpiece, but just for a bit a fun (as they were all taken through the window as we were traveling 45-70 mph from state to state...) I thought I'd post a few.


:: snow covered hills in Iowa ::

:: tunnel in Alabama ::

:: a cozy house ::

:: South Carolina interstate ::

:: sunny Florida ::

:: night time -- who knows where?! ::


Anonymous said...

oh man, I love that Florida shot! :D
What fun... thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

God bless you all on your travels!! Yes travel shots can be quite interesting some times..though I usually get frustrated because we are moving so fast and I see so many spots that I would love to get a picture of! Oh well...=) These are great shots the winter landscape one.


Tori said...

Great photos! I love the Florida one.... :D

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters whether your rolling down the road, or not. You just get GREAT pictures!:)

Though I did have a few questions.
1) Did the owner's of that beautiful home have any clue that you took a picture of their house? And 2) Did you get permission to post it on your blog?? :D Also, 3)How are we SURE that the night one is not actually taken in the bus...without a flash...when all the lights are out...instead of out the window at 45-70mph??? LOL

Love you, Bethany!

PS--I think my comment is starting to look like there was too much time spent playing games with 'Two from the Pew'! :)

Anonymous said...

You don't fool me, Bethany! Actually, I think you just went in a closet and shut the door, and took a picture without a flash! lol Have a great week!

Amber said...

Wow! You sure cover a lot of territory! Nice pictures.

Unknown said...

The Florida picture is my favorite. All the pictures are nice though.

Anonymous said...

I like the last one... :P Black is my second favourite colour!

Jacob said...

Hrumph. Looks like I'm the only guy around here who appreciates good photography. :D Anyhow, I also enjoyed these photos, Bethany.

BTW, the link to your family blog is broken (points to in stead of Just thought you might want a heads-up on that.

Peace! --Jacob

Doogie J. said...

Love the pictures. Yes, night caught me by surprise and got a laugh!

Nicole 妮可 said...

you are just too hilarious dear!

Anonymous said...

The tunnel picture is neat. :-)

The last picture has to be Interstate 59, or I know... I-90, or Trans-Canada 1, or.. Anyway I'd recognize it wherever it is anytime with my eyes blindfolded. My ears can recognize it by the noise of the tires on the pavement.

(I actually looked at a map after looking at your schedule and the EXIF data).

Brittney said...

I gotta say, that bus has some pretty clean windows!!! :) I loved the pictures. Very nice. I do hope you will...ahem...enlighten us as to that last one. Under the covers maybe...?? :)

I miss you, dear!