Tuesday, March 11, 2008


You may depend upon it that a life of real heroism and sacrifice must begin and lay its foundation in the little things, wherein it leans its first lesson and takes its first step.
-Elizabeth Prentiss


Anonymous said...

Did you take all of these pictures that are on your blog? They are amazing! Keep up the great work!
Blessings in Christ,

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Wow. Praise God! That quote really blessed me... thanks for sharing Bethany! And the picture is just gorgeous!!! :)
(hugs) back! ;)

Alatheia said...

Wow...how encouraging. That's just what I needed to hear right now! Thanks Bethany!

Stephanie said...

That was a really encouraging quote! :)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Bethany - that was just what I need to hear today - THANK YOU! You are a blessing in my life.

~ Ruth Ann

The Chmelars said...

there are no words that do justice! so i'll stop before i make it messy.


Kate said...

What bright cheerful flower!
It made me smile. ;)

Mandy Grace said...

What a neat quote! Life truly is composed of little things that all add up in the end. :-)


Lauren said...

that is a beautiful picture!