Friday, February 15, 2008


Photography has been such a joy for me. To capture the exuberant grin of a child, the delicate details of a violet, the radiance of a bride, the glory in a sunset, the precious softness of a newborn; whatever it is -- what a joy it is to catch in still life the different facets of the glory of God's creation.

To me, that has been the highest aim of my photography. And not only my photography, but my whole life: that of glorifying the One who redeemed me and claimed for His own, Christ Jesus my Lord.

Thus I begin this new undertaking.

Whether you are a mom with children and just want to capture those precious 'little tot' moments, or you are an older sibling endeavoring to do the same...or maybe you want to be a professional -- and it is hard not to covet all of the latest equipment!! Whatever the desire or interest you have, there is beauty in life to be captured. It isn't equipment that counts. It isn't tons of money invested. Rather it is a love for life, and wanting to capture it the way you see it. To share one of my favorite quotes:

"Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos.
Photography is about photographs.
A camera didn't make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel.

-Peter Adams

As I mentioned earlier, there has been an increasing amount of questions coming my way concerning photography.

What equipment do you use? What are some rules for framing subjects? What are your favorite resources? What courses have you taken? How do you edit/store our photos? What do you use for backdrops?

Not only will I be using "Fhoto Friday" as a way to share simple tips that I have learned, but I will also be using it as an opportunity to answer your questions...hopefully. Due to our family schedule, I'm not sure how often it will make an appearance, but I hope it is packed full of things that will enable you to capture the precious moments around you.

To the other photographers who far surpass me in skill and knowledge and yet read this blog -- be patient and forgiving with what I overlook or the simple nature of subjects I seem to cover. I would also welcome guest posts from you if you have time or tips to share. It seems that the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn! So your input would be greatly appreciated!

I do want to give special thanks to Ryan, who designed and put together the headline for "Fhoto Friday" for me. THANK YOU, Ryan!

And now after months of pondering this, (and the past month having it all ready to go -- just kept forgetting when Friday's came around!!) I am welcoming any further questions, ideas, input, or topics you would like to see covered as I begin this new venture. Flood the comment box, or drop me an e-mail -- I'd love to hear your feedback!


Stephanie said...

That was a wonderful post! I love your photography. It far surpasses anything that I could do. I like the quote too. May God continue to bless your photography.

Ryebread said...

Yay! I'm glad to see FF coming to fruition! God bless you as you bless others with what you have learned by seeing the world through a lens!

Andrea said...

Yeah! I've been waiting for this too....:-) I had a sneak peek into it a couple months back, and have been looking forward to it's commencement! ;-)

One thing I would love to see you cover, is inexpensive ways to practice professional techniques. I know there is a certain aspect of photography that the more expensive equipment you have tied up in it, the more professional results you are going to get. Yet, I also know there are many less-expensive alternatives out there. If I know you at all, you don't have thousands of dollars tied up in equipment, and yet have used creative means to get similar results.

One area in particular I'm thinking of is lighting. I would love to get a sneak peek at your techniques, especially in your portraiture photography. Light sources, diffusers, umbrellas, backgrounds, etc....what do you use?

God bless you Bethany! Not only only is your photography a constant source of inspiration for me, but your heart behind it all. ...that of glorifying the One who redeemed me and claimed for His own, Christ Jesus my Lord. Amen and amen!!

Emily said...


Thanks so much for you blog-- great job! I am slowly get into photgraphy and would love more tips! :)
May God richly bless all of your efforts.

Gina said...

How exciting:-) I will definitely join you every week for this topic. (I am also in the photography business, although a newbie that's for sure.)

God bless you!

abi said...

You know I'm not really into photography, but I hope that doesn't mean I can't read on Fridays?! :D Each post is a blessing in it's own way...this one being your desire to serve others with the talents God has given you!

Oh, and by the way...I just love your new 'cheery header' at the top. Great color choice! It made me smile! :) Missing you bunches, Bethany! Love your way!

Bethany said...

Looking forward to it. I can't wait for some tips!

Melanie said...

This is going to be great! Love the idea Bethany.

The Editor said...

Great idea Bethany!

Looking forward to the next Friday update :)


The Editor said...

Mind if I 'advertise' this on the Fringe site?


Sara N. Smith said...

Oh, how wonderful and exciting! I'm so happy you decided to do this. I am very interested in photography and want to learn so much - so this will absolutely be a blessing to me!

Anonymous said...

You take so many good photos!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I too, will be looking forward to your Friday posts from now on! Could you give some tips on inexpensive lighting and extra camera flashes? (I have a canon digital rebel...with an ocean of mysterious features that I would like to learn how to use properly!)Blessings on you and your family, Fhoto Maestro! ;-)


Lady Ruth Ann said...

***YAY*** I'm SO excited!! Thank you for all the work you are putting into this. This is such a blessing to me. I want to learn a whole lot more, but it's frustrating when the majority of learning avenues out in the world are full of trash. So many many thanks!!

Ruth Ann

Kay said...

Oh Bethany! I may have some serious camera envy now! **patting my little Nikon Cool Pix 4300**

Prayers for you all on your current journey.

Hugs to your Mom and all you!

Kay & Rick F near Pleasant Dale

shuttersbuddy said...

Neat Idea! Can I link to your blog?

Lindsey said...


Wow! I'm looking forward to this!

I'd be interested in your advice for achieving good results with my little Canon Powershot ~ or any point and shoot.

I love that quote!

(I use it to console myself when I wish I had an SLR :D )

hannah said...

Hi, I came here via Morgan's blog.

From what I've seen so far, you've got great photographic talent! I'll be interested to come back for your Q&A.