Monday, January 14, 2008

On the lighter side

I have now been blogging for two whole years. Okay, so it was really two years ago yesterday since my first post, but I couldn't let the occasion go by without any recognition. [smile] I could get all serious now and type a long tribute and say how much I've enjoyed blogging, how much I've enjoyed hearing (and meeting!) many of you, how much I have learned, ect.... but I opted for something a little on the lighter side this time.

Now if any of you are at all familiar with blog birthdays, they are usually the understood opportunity for authors to ask all their readers to comment so they know who all is reading their little corner of the web. (Or maybe they just like comments and that is the best way to get them!!) I'm sure it varies from blogger to blogger. [smile]

If you already are a faithful commenter -- here's yet another new post for you to chime in with your two cents. If you've commented once or twice before -- wasn't that easy? Go for it again! And last but not least, I'd like to address all you lurkers out there; yes, YOU! This is definitely the post for you to break the ice and introduce yourself, or -- if you already know me, just drop a comment to say you lurk here!

Originally, I was going to ask you all to give your name and where you are from, but then my sister Rachel did that just last month with our family blog. [And she got 100+ comments!]
:: hint, hint ::

So then I was going to ask you to type your name and your favorite song. But then I figured that was a pretty broad question and some of you might not comment due to the fact that you just don't know what your favorite song is. After all, I don't know what my favorite song is, so that option is definitely out.

Then I was going to ask you to post your name and weight, but I figured that might be a bit personal.

Since none of the above are an option, I guess I'll just ask you to give your name....


*drum roll*

...what color your toothbrush is! (Surely, surely -- you all have one of those!)

I'll start it off:


And now it's your turn to run to the cupboard and see what color YOU have!


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Andrea said...

This is too funny, Bethany!! :-) I guess I get to start!!


KarenW said...

This is great!

Green and white

Happy Blog birthday!

Christina said...


Anonymous said...

Light Green - Transparent

It's almost worn out though and I need to look for a new one. :-)

Thank you for your two years of blogging.

Stevens said...

Really enjoy your blog!!
pink and white

Anonymous said...


Rachel Marie

Anonymous said...

blue & white

lizzykristine said...

Ahem. I am one of those lurkers. :) I like the uplifting quotes paired with inspiring photographs. I've been meaning to comment for aeons, so thanks for the final push! Here goes:

Mauve. A worn out, needing-to-be-replaced mauve.

BrittLeigh said...

Run to the cupboard and look? Excuse me, but when it's pink, I know it's PINK!!! (without looking, that is ;))

And I won't bother telling you my name since you already know it. :)

Love you lots! ((HUGS))

BrittLeigh said...

Oh, and just for the sake of another comment, since you are always so generous with me ;), I should add a very Happy Blog Birthday to your sweet blog. I love knowing it... and you too, of course. :)

BrittLeigh said...

....and, it behooves me to hope that all your readers do indeed have a toothbrush to associate with their name...

Jade S. said...

Happy Blog birthday!

Navy and yellow

Caley said...

I guess I'm one of those lurkers out there....
Caley Burwell

Katie said...

My name is Katie. I grew up in Maine, where most of my family still lives, but now I live in Pennsylvania with my husband of nearly two years. I couldn't begin to choose a favorite song--there are too many! I weigh 125 pounds, and I have a yellow toothbrush. I've been reading your blog and Rachel's for a few months now. I love reading about your family's adventures and I feel drawn to you all as I have always felt toward people whose faith seems so clear and constant. I imagine it must bring an incredible peace and comfort to your lives.

Katie said...

PS..I did read your instructions thoroughly, but then I thought...why not just go for it and answer ALL the questions?

Kim said...

I love your blog and your family blog! What a great testament to the Lord's goodness your family is!

Kim Cincinnati Ohio

Anonymous said...

This is way to funny!

Purple and white

shuttersbuddy said...

Happy blogging birthday!


TLynn said...

Hi Bethany. Happy Birthday to your blog. I check it often for updates and I want to thank you for being so faithful to it! It is always a pleasure to visit you on the web.

pink :)

Anonymous said...

Marissa Bingham

Blue and White

And I would be a luker.

Anonymous said...

Cletus Take the reel......
Bethany you know who I am

Red white and Blue
So I can say the Pledge of Allegiance while I brush

Anonymous said...

i guess i'm lurking guilty:)

Juanita - light purple
good idea with the introduction!

Your blogs are encouraging and uplifting always!
and actually...happy blog birthday!

Stephanie said...

Purple and white

Lauren Christine said...

I'm a lurker, I confess :)

Lauren Christine
Orange Glitter

What can I say... it was on sale.

Thankyou for the encouraging blog!

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog!

Nicole said...

awww! girl, you totally win the prize for the bestest blog and the bettery-bestest birthday post!!! cheers! i also really like your theme cuz anything to do with teeth is a secret fetish of mine... and mine is blueish-purpely.
ok, love ya! (and i might call soon! any time better than another?!)

Sue said...


Kaylene said...

orange and transparent

Goldfish said...

Happy blog birthday!!!!

Yellow and white

Anonymous said...


Bethany, you're did you come up with tooth brush colors? :)

Victoria said...

Victoria, Blue

Anonymous said...


Coeur d'Court said...

Happy Blog Birthday! What a fun post! I loved your conclusion about 'favorite song...' I can totally relate. I probably wouldn't have commented, actually because that is just a HARD question!!!

Anyway, my name is Courtney and my toothbrush is none other than PINK! (if I choose any other color, my husband forgets it's mine and not his so... PINK it is because what guy would have a pink toothbrush?) Plus, pink is perfect anyway. And not just on a tooth brush.

Snapped-It said...

oh Bethany this is too funny!! :-)

Purple and white

(yes another purple and white....LOL:-)

Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humor! Maybe you could contact the toothbrush companies and see if they are interested in using your informal "Most Popular Color" of toothbrush survey! LOL


Treaty Line Farm said...

This is funny! :)

Red and Transparent

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly a lurker- I've posted a few times before- but I wouldn't be a "common commenter" either. That is a very funny question, and I also wonder where you came up with that idea. Had you just brushed your teeth? Or did you stay up too late when you were posting? : ) Anyway HAPPY BLOGGING BIRTHDAY! And may God continue to bless you! In Christ, Deborah~Indiana~orange : )

Anonymous said...

Yellow and White (with a chunk taken out of the handle, because my mom has the same colour:)

I've been following your blog and yoru family blog for a couple of months now, but am (or was) one of the many lurkers!

Ron said...

Hey Bethany How are yah? Yeah I'm definately one of those lurkers but I absolutly love your site it is very interesting. Tell the rest of the family I said hi.

Ron, Apple Creek, Ohio
Red and white

Lady Ruth Ann said...

ok, this is quite hilarious that you decided on toothbrush color! But, it is nice to do something different.

So, here I am!:

Ruth Ann
white & red

(the reason is... I have NO CHOICE!...years ago when we were young mommy & daddy came up with a way to tell whose was whose. Give every child a different color and that is their color for towels, toothbrushes, cups, etc,.. Hey, it works! And I don't mind the red!)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

oh and I am so blessed by your blog - happy birthday and may God bless you with many more!! You have a talent to bless others and your pictures are outstanding!

Aliisa said...

Mostly clear with some pink

The Howard Family said...

Well, I suppose I'm a guilty lurker! I know practically nothing about you or your family except what you all have online! :) You seem like a very fun and faith-filled family!

Olivia Howard
West Virginia
Umm... I'm pretty sure it's clear and blue. I picked that because it matched my toothpaste!

Anonymous said...


red and white

Anonymous said...

I'm Marissa, and I'm Chelsy's cousin and "sis". She told me about your photography, and I have been so blessed by the talent that God has given you, and how you use it to glorify Him! Although I don't own any of your family's recordings, the Bontrager's shared your CD's and whetted our appetite--it's wonderful music!
Thank you, Bethany! toothbrush is purple!

Kyle Stevens said...

Orange and white (funny idea!)

I'm definitely a lurker. I actually found your family’s website through the Berge's site in 2003. It's been fun reading about your family's ministry and travels.

Autumn S. said...

Happy blogging birthday!

red and white

Fox Family said...


Bethany said...


pink and white

Grace said...

Cute Idea:)

Purple, blue and white

Joel said...


White and orange

Anonymous said...

Light Green and white.

Gods little girl said...


Anonymous said...

This is funny : )
purple & white

Stephanie said...

Green, white, and blue

Joanna said...

I'm one of those "lurkers" too. ;) Anyway, I found your blog from "Maidens of Worth" and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your family's blog. I especially enjoy your photographs. They truly show God's creation in a magnificant way. May the Lord bless you as you seek Him!

Purple and transparent

Nicole said...

Happy Bithday Bethany's Blog!

Hey 'tousin!
2 years already?!? Wow!
I know I hardly ever comment... A bad habit for a cousin... But I read your blog every time you post and it's always such an encouragement! I can't tell you how many times I've had a hard day, then read your blog and found the exact encouragement I needed!
So thanks!!

Oh... and by the way...

Blue and Orange all the way, baby! :o)

Love you!

Anna Naomi said...

I've enjoyed your blog and wonderful pictures!



Anonymous said...

Big Bad John "Ben"
Green- always

*~cici~* said...

I'll answer all the questions!

Portland, Oregon
Fav. Song: Don't have a specific one, but anything by Josh Groban or Chris Tomlin!
I weigh about 115... go me! lol
Toothbrush: white and aqua!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany! I actually met you at your church while visiting the R. girls, last year. I have enjoyed reading your blog! You can visit mine, too! Just ask the R's what the address is! :-)

Green & white

Anonymous said...

I actually have two tooth brushes... One of them is light green and white, and the other one is orange and blue.


Emily said...

Just FYI, I have *the* awesomest toothbrush of you all... but it's so cool, that describing it would diminish its complete ingeniousness, so... yeah... it's green.

:-) I am a lurker, btw, and have greatly appreciated your blogging! Keep it up, I would love to meet your family some day!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Here's another lurker commenting for the first time. =)
I've been visiting your blog for one to two months now, I really appreciate it, it's a great blessing and encouragement to me. Thank you!
I think the tooth brush thing was a really goofy good idea!

lime green =)

God's blessings to you and your family Bethany!

Sauve Family Blog said...

Hello Bethany!
Though its been off and on through the years I have tried to keep up with your family and have greatly enjoyed your blog in particular!
Thank you for the inspirations and encouragements.God bless!

Lt. Blue...or is it pink? hmm... let me go check...Ahhh! Its Purple! =)

Anonymous said...

love your photos and heart for the Lord

Bethany in Texas
purple and white

Jessica Courter said...

Hello Bethany! I'm one of those lurkers :) I'm 16, the 2nd of 10 (11, Lord willing in March!) I love reading your blog!

Transparent :)

Sparrow said...

My sister and I enjoy visiting your blog and your family's blog. Our family has never met yours nor heard you sing, except on your latest CD, which, in our family of seven, we have nearly worn out!

My toothbrush is red (my favorite color), but I'm sorry I've never paid attention to the color of my sister's.

Also, feel free to visit our family's new blog at:

Anonymous said...

Aw, Bethany! Happy Birthday to your Blog! What a blessing the past 2 years have been to all your readers. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. You are a joy! :)

Sara Campbell
Purple & Silver

P.S. I'm sorry I don't comment more, but I sure do love reading! ;) Bless you, my dear.

Follow In His Steps said...

Two years of blogging! I hope that you have many more to come as your blog has been a blessing and encouragement to me.

Blue and Clear

Doogie J. said...

White and blue
(Orlando, FL)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm another lurker. I love reading your blog. The scripture and quotes are always uplifting and the pictures gorgeous. God bless you and your sweet family.
Happy blog b-day!


Anonymous said...

I guess you could call me a regular lurker. :) I found your blog through Brittney's blog and have really enjoyed keeping up with it and your family's. I love photography too, so I enjoy any pictures you put on.
Keep it up!
Pink :)

Kori said...

White, Pink and Green.

Happy Blog Birthday! :)
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed!!

Erika (a's true...)
Blue and Transparent

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

Ok, I'll delurk. ;) I love your photography--since I am not a good amateur photographer I content myself with being a moderately efficient admirer of good photagraphy. :) Which is one reason I hang around here on an almost daily basis.

Purple (I think--I'm far too lazy to go ALL the way downstairs and look) and white (for sure). :)

Alanna said...

Hi... I'm a lurker of a few months.

Alanna with a white and teal toothbrush

Anonymous said...

I'm Megan, I am a lurker...

My toothbrush is different shades of blue :D

Martha said...

one's lime green and white, the other's purple and white...and I'm another of your many lurkers.

Molly said...

Hi Bethany! I've commented once or twice before. You came to my church before and I really enjoyed it! Glad you could come. Thought I'd comment your post since I do read it! And to answer your question:


Jessica Mayo said...

BETHANY!!! You are like way to funny!I really dont think I could have ever thought of so many different things...and to settle on tooth brush colors...Well, I have 3 tooth brushes...And my favorlte color is pink---so they are all the same!One I got last time I was at the dentist, and then I just got a new pink-electric one and the last one is still inside the pkg. for another time.
Sometime you should ask some wierd questian like that just out of the blue? I'm sure YOU could think of SOMETHING?!
Anyway, I have really enjoyed your blog!Its much fun being able to keep up with ya'll! Your just such a fun family.And BTW- I can't wait till' family camp in Sept.!
Jessica Mayo
(Berlin, Wisconsin)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing now!
Pearl White

(Needs replacing)

Anonymous said...

Does Andrew have a blog?

Anonymous said...

Greta Petersen - Blue and white

naomi said...

I guess that I am a half lurker...but I have posted before. =)I love your blog and have grown to love your family. ;)

And at the moment it is blue and white--but I need a new one.

Leah said...


My sister (Cheri) told me about your site, so I've enjoyed looking at your photography! :)

Hmm, I forget, but I *think* my toothbrush is blue. Most of the time, I'm half asleep anyway when I brush my teeth. *grins*

Anonymous said...

mauve and white

Lauren said...

(from IL)

Anonymous said...

That's a funny idea!!! Hey, it brigtens up everyone's day!


I know what colour my toothbrush is as it's such a cool looking one! : )

Anyway, love coming here and seeing all your wonderful photography and all your quotes are such a blessing!

Amanda Wiebe said...

Amanda Wiebe

purple and white
God bless you guys.

Matt said...

name: Matt
color: well, when I originally whittled it from a handy stick, it was kind of a light brown color. However, over the years I have really been pleased how the aging process has affected not only the color, but the stiffness of the bristles. I would have to say it has more of a weathered copper patina now. I call it 'Sticky'. Sticky is my friend.

The Beasleys said...

The Beasleys
All diffrent colors!!!

Melodiousheart said...

Funny very Funny, But Great!!!

A shade of greeny blue (if that makes sense)

Anonymous said...


Kasie said...

Okay, I confess: I'm a guilty lurker as well! I've been reading your blog for probably about six months now. I enjoy following the happenings of your family, and admiring your beautiful photography!

Kasie (short for Kassandra)
white and red, although I'm longing for one of those electric toothbrushes...

Happy two year Anniversary! Feel free to stop by our family's blog: God bless!

Anonymous said...

My name is Hannah, and my sisters and I have been reading your blog for several months. Our family plays bluegrass as well and we really enjoy reading your blog. Check out our website if you get a chance.
Hopefully we can meet y'all in person some day!

P.S. BTW my toothbrush is blue and white :)

Anonymous said...

You already know I "Lurk around" this blog, but I shall confirm the thought.

Mr. Sir
Blue and White

Anonymous said...

purple and white

I enjoy your photos and quotes!

Amber said...

I just had to comment when I saw that the last one was number 99! SO here is your 100th comment!!!!!!

As you see my name is Amber and my toothbrush it clear with some green on it. (hehehehehe! That was a funny question!)

Blessings to your next year of blogging! I love looking at your pictures!

kate said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

blue, white, and green

Anonymous said...

Ya i am one of the many lurkers. Good way to make us all come out. Who would have thought toothbrushes would do that:) Mine is green and white.
Serena from SC

Eva said...

Hi Bethany! I'm a lurker. :) I had the privelage of hearing your family at Thousand Oaks Festival in Manitoba. Let see, I think my toothbrush is white and purple.

Have a great day!

Joygirl said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

and I didn't have to check my cupboard! Cuz mine's PURPLE!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I am one of those guilty lurkers also!! Myself, as well as my older children enjoy checking out your website very regularly. We also have about worn out the cd's that we have. We admire your lifestyle and appreciate all the "words of wisdom" we get from your blog. A couple of my sisters have met you and we are hoping to meet you someday too. We missed hearing you when you were in Hiawatha on NY eve. May God bless you-you seem to be a very special family and we would like to have some special pointers to pass on to our six children!
Sheila - purple

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all your pictures!


God Bless!

Cheri said...

LOL, this is a nea de-lurking post! I've commented a few times, but not regularly. =)


Taylor said...

Hi Bethany! I guess you could say I'm a lurker :) LOL! Actually I'm a christan homeschooled young lady, who looks forward to your new posts, quotes, and photographs. God Bless!


Margaret Neufeld said...

Well I guess I'm the 111th. My name is Margaret and my toothbrush is blue.

The Hitch Family said...

Lol. That's funny. Purple, but I wish it was red. Avery

Anders Viking said...

Happy "Blogday"! I'm kind of late but -here I am.

Colour of toothbrush? Why-BLUE, my favorite color!

I admit I'm not a great "commenter" but I've been enjoying your blog a lot!

Keep it up!

God bless


Anders Viking said...


Blue AND white

P.S: If you are curious.. I live in the north-east of Spain. I weigh...what are 67 Kg in lbs...? about 147 lbs...Scary...I prefer to see it in Kilos! :-S

Mandy Grace said...

Happy blogiversary Bethany! Your blog is such a wonderful source of encouragement. Keep up the great work! :-)


Hannah said...

Haha! I love this..:D
Congrats on two years of blogging Bethany! :D You're always an encouragement to me, and post thought-provoking posts. :)

My name is HannahBeth (I've commented before...not often though)
and my toothbrush color is....
Purple and White. :D Go purple-and-whiters! :D

Anonymous said...

Very creative, Bethany--I love it! :) I just changed toothbrushes today, so my new one is lime green. My old one was purple. ;)

...and I love your blog!!


Anonymous said...

plum purple

Kate said...

Hi Bethany!

I've commented before. I greatly enjoy your blog.

As for my toothbrush, well, I have multiple toothbrushes.

I have a red one, orange one, and purple one, yellow one and white I think?

Now before you think I'm a toothbrush fanatic let me explain before you think I'm obsessed with my teeth.

My red one is in my main bathroom. Then my orange one is in the upstairs bathroom, the purple one is in my purse, the yellow one I keep at the fire department for when I work shifts there, and the white one I keep in my locker at the hospital where I work.

What can I say... I worked in a Dental office for a year and I guess I the teeth experts there rubbed off on my a little! :)

Keep up the good work!

Kate said...

Hi again!

I just posted a post in honor of your blog! Check it out! Grin

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany!!!!
Blue and Orange all the way Baby!

...... Hold it ....
Nicole posted that hers was Blue and Orange all the way baby......

Hey NICOLE.... are you using MY TOOTH BRUSH!!??!!??!?!?!?

Happy Blog Birthday, Bethany!
Your Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

You know...I really think this post needed a picture!! :)

(And I forgot to mention in my earlier comment, that my niece's toothbrush is yellow and lights up! :D)


Anonymous said...

We really enjoy your blog Bethany!
Happy Blog Birthday!!! God bless!!
Jason Conner
Blue and White

Feeny Family said...

Hi Bethany! I've read your blog over the past few weeks. VERY encouraging, with great uplifting pictures! My family and I have been on blogger for about 8 months now, and definitely know how encouraging comments can be:) May the God of all peace bring an overwhelming sense of joy into your life. Sister in Christ,

Sarah Feeny - From TX, but temporarily living in the Philippines
Orange and white

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! Thank you, Bethany, for your blog. I check your blog daily because I know your posts will challenge me. The emphasis you place on spiritual things has changed the way I look at blogging. I also enjoy hearing about your family activities. From another lurker be encouraged to keep on!

light blue & white

Under Southern Skies said...

How fun!



Anonymous said...

Blue & White

Anonymous said...

I love your photography!
orange and white

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany,
Thankyou for your blog. I just got a new toothbrush for our tour. It's pink. And works very well. :)

We are in KS, see ya soon!!

Kim Atnip
Cody, Wyoming

Mandy said...


Pauline said...

Pauline~aqua and white

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!! Happy Blog Birthday!!! I love love love your blog....your posts are so encouraging, edifying and uplifting...and always full of smiles! (I love your photography!!!
you have also got an amazing sense of humor.....and you got 130 comments?!?! not surprised!! you go girl!! :) I laughed til i cried when reading your post!!
much love!!!
purple (its seen its better days however and is ready for the trash :))

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!

Wow!! You must be very popular to attract so many comments! I can't beleive it! I had to do it at the library with high speed so that I could post a comment! Our computer on dial-up would have taken all afternoon!! Happy Blogging! Please keep the wonderfully uplifting quotes, and posts coming! So many days when I've been having a hard day or whatever the Lord has just used your blog in such a wonderful way to speak to me! I'm thankful for the life you live for the Lord! It's such a great example to me! As your song says, "May my life be a light shining out in the dark. May I help some pour soul to the shore!" (That's one of my favorite songs that ya'll sing!) Well if your even reading this 100, and 30 some comment, May you continue to let your life be a light shining out in the dark!!

Bekah R.
White with a pink band at the bottom! (it's for an electric toothbrush!:)

abi said...

Oh my goodness! Did you ever think you'd get so many comments?? I'm not one of those 'lurkers'...and you know plenty well who I am. You probably even know the color of my toothbrush already...but I'll tell you anyway! :)


abi said...

PS--Thank you, thank you, thank you for the encouragement you bring via blog lines. You're a blessing! Love you more!

Anonymous said...

BLUE. HA!!! Very cool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You could call us "lurkers"....we love your blog!! You're such an encouragement!! Happy Blog Birthday! :D

Tori on behalf of the Rittgers family

Snapped-It said...

Well Bethany, Not that you NEED more comments but.. :) ...Here I am! My brush is blue.


Liz Brown said...


Comment #140 ... wow, I don't think I have that many combined on my blog yet :)

Jacob said...

FREE! No, wait... that's not a color. But if it was, it would be my favorite!

Anyhow, I'd better go with my new (free!) toothbrush, because my old one isn't pretty. I guess it's white, with red rubbery stuff. And of course it has that blue coloring on the bristles to let you know its new...

If free toothbrushes are some kind of gimmick to make me like dentists, they don't work.

As you probably already noticed:
Northside Omaha, Nebraska


Grace Mally said...

Hey Bethany... :) thanks for all the uplifting things you share on your blog. Obviously a lot of people have been blessed. Keep it up the great work!


Erin said...

purple :)

Jodi said...

Too funny !!!!!!!!!! I'm one of those lurkers... :)


~Sarah Joy~ said...

That's too funny, Bethany! :-)
aqua and white

Maidens of the House of Marshall said...

(hums 'happy birthday to Bethany's blog')

Okaayy...number 146...

Blue and White

Great idea Bethany! Hope we get to see ya'll this year!

Anonymous said...


two from the pew said...

Well Bethany, since this is a very personal thing I will take the chance and share with you about my toothbrush. It's a very attractive one but not a new model. It has seen many miles but still runs well. It's battery/electric so it has power. I think it has a 350 motor in it. It sounds like it does. You probably heard it last week. It has really helped keep my teeth and gums in good shape unless I eat little chocolate things at your place. That being said I will will close with saying that it's white, pure white, with some writing on it. I guess that would mean that it isn't pure white then. Details. I hope that by sharing this our bonding would have been taken to a new level. I know that i feel better having talked about my toothbrush. Oh, ya, congrates on the blog birthday.

Emily H. said...

Hey Bethany! I am a little late in posting this, but I wanted to throw in my two cents and say thanks for all the encouraging post etc... May the Lord bless you in the next blogging year!
Emily Hipps
green and white with 4 polka dots on the back so that I can identify which of the green and white ones is mine!

Marissa Whitney said...

Marissa. And my toothbrush is purple right now. Unless you're talking of my travel one, which is blue and white. Or my compact one, which is green. ; )

You're right - I couldn't manage to give you my ONE favourite song. And I shall gratefully accept the opt out on the second question. ;)

Your blog is beautiful, Bethany. I *think* I'm one of those that have commented a couple times, but perhaps only on the family blog. :P

Esther said...

what a random idea- I like it! :)
green and white

The Chmelars said...

bethany happy blogday! i thought i should go to bed and not leave a comment... but then on further thought i decided to, lest you think i don't have a toothbrush at all.
purple and white
tiffany chmelar

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Ok, So I am one of those who lurkes in the corners. :-) I have enjoyed all of the encouraging words I find here!


DUSTYNNE said...

Wow! The 155th comment!

Dustynne Noelle
red and gray (boring, I know!)

Motz Weaver said...

My suspicion is that you 'need' comments in your life about as much as I do, sooo... you've found a most clever way of getting them... ;-) LOTS of them. Cheers!

Toothbrush?!? What's that? ;-)

Melanie said...

My toothbrush is green! My favorite color for so many reasons. ;)

And Matt...I think it is pretty weird that you whittled your own toothbrush, have let it age, and named it "Sticky". Oh brother!

I think you were adopted!

Ally said...


Anna said...

I´m Anna. I read your blog regularly and I love your pictures!! I´m from Iceland. My favourite song is DĂșlaman by Celtic Woman. And my toothbrush is blue :)

Anonymous said...

Ah,your blog always puts a smile on my face, Thank You Bethany!
One of your "Lurkers". :)
Ruth Knapp
Pink with white & Pink Bristles.

My sister Rose wanted me to post that her brush is BLUE with white bristles. :)
And one of our favorite songs,is Chariots of Fire.:)

Becca said...

Wow with that many comment you may be sorry you asked...LOL!

I have never actually met you but I heard about your family's singing ministry from friends and we looked around on your family's site and found your blog shortly there after. I have read for almost a year now. :-)

toothbrush color: Blue/white


Wanda's Girl said...


God Bless!

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

Oh where is my toothbrush.....just kidding! Mine is the best!


Anonymous said...

This is so..... funny!!! I'm a lurker who will remain a lurker! But I can't beleive how many comments you've gotten! But then again I can! WOW! What are you going for 200?:) This is something else! Your a very popular young lady! May the Lords blessings be upon you in this 2008 year! Sorry for my sneakiness! I just prefer not to go public!:)

Anonymous said...

Just had to make it an even 165 comments!::grin:: Wow! You're only 35 more comments away from 200! You know my toothbrush color! *smile* Your uplifting posts are a blessing!

paig-E said...

I was "lurking" around for the first time and read this post, so now I would be guilty not to comment now, yes? ;-)

I have to admit, the toothbrush question threw me momentarily. Was it yellow or red?? Actually, it's decision I must weigh every night... that's what can happen we you share a bathroom with sisters. I believe I've chosen yellow each night, and I hope for my mouth's sake, it's been the correct choice.

So yes, my name is Paige, and my answer is yellow.

Keep up the excellent blog!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, Bethany. Hope to meet you some day.

My toothbrush is pink!
-Missy Rowe

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Great Idea!

White, Blue, and silver!

Happy blogging birthday!

Maiden Of Virtue said...

It came to me that you might wonder about the silver(It is a electric Sonicare)it is the control panel on the front!:)


Hannah Champagne said...

Lavender and white
This is so funny!

Hannah Champagne said...

...Oh, by the way, I guess you could call me a lurker, since I haven't commented before. I found your blog through Cheri's and love checking it periodically-it is one of my favorite blogs.

Hillary Hipps said...


Well..., it depends on which of the community toothbrushes I happen to grab; anything from solid white to a blue and yellow one with a little fishie growing our the back.

The Duarte Family said...

Hi Bethany,
Sorry Im a little late:)My Name is Janalee Duarte I am a MK in Brasil SA. I enjoy reading your blog Its a encouragement to me. Thanks and keep it up.If you want you can check our blog its Thanks once again, In Christ, Janalee
Oh! My toothbrush is Pink!

Daniel said...

Bethany, you confuse me here.

"And now it's your turn to run to the cupboard and see what color YOU have!" I didn't know it was possible for someone to use something twice a day and not know what color it is. LOL

Anyway, I just read this post almost 6 days after you posted it, I guess that means that I am definitely a 'lurker' rather than a 'regular.'

Anyway, Happy blog Birthday, I always enjoy reading your posts, (when I can find the time,) and I apologize that my comments are always late.

Daniel Kocher

Miriam Rebekah said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and admiring all your lovely photos!

Miriam Rebekah
Green and white

Johan said...

“...what color your toothbrush is! (Surely, surely -- you all have one of those!)”

Well, Bethany, I have some shocking news for you. In fact, …

~drum roll~

…not everyone has “one of those!”!!!!

So, I guess I’ll have to stick with my name and the other questions:

· I am from: Oregon
· Favorite Song: He’ll Make a Way; Follow On; The Heavens are Telling (by Haydn) (are multiples OK?)
· Weight: ~150lbs. of muscle to keep my 6’ of height moving. (Hmm. 10 lbs. for each year I’ve lived. I hope this trend doesn’t continue much longer. :-)

Although I am not a lurker, I am not a regular commenter either, so I’ll just take this chance to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and love the photos.

Also, what is this with using [smile] instead of [grin]? Are you acting like Rachel so that we won’t be able to guess the culprit next time Josiah’s blog is hacked?!!?

P.S. In case you are wondering how I clean my teeth, I have toothbrushes (two to be exact), so I actually don’t have “one [one!] of those [toothbrush]” One is electric and doesn’t work any more, the other runs off of my muscle power. They are blue & white and red & white, respectively.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bethany,
I may be a lurker, however, I have an excuse: I've only been reading your blog for about 2 weeks! I really enjoy seeing all the photos you take!

Silver and Magenta

I hope to meet you soon :)

Mitch said...

Five of us- five different colors -so as not to accidentally use someone else's brush! So, let's see... blue, purple, green, orange, and red.
And this is the funniest post you've done! :D

We always enjoy your sense of humor!

Greer Family, sunny southern CA.

Ashley said...

Count me as one of those lurkers! I love reading your blog and all the pictures that go so well with the quotes!
Ashley- with an new white and yellow toothbrush! :o)

HerbGirl29 said...

This is hillarious! (-:
lavender and clear

PS I'm a long time lurker, but I have thought of commenting lots of times! lol

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Hello there! Do you want more comments on here? Do you want to get it up to 200 comments???

Well, my name is still:
Ruth Ann
And my toothbrush is still:
white & red
And I still love your blog!

Well, I couldn't resist...because I keep seeing more comments so figured I'd help you out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!

Just another one that couldn't resist trying to reach that humoungous, and towering goal of 200 that we have almost acomplished! This is so funny! If I where you I would feel very loved by now! I love your blog! And you know my toothbrush color *grin*! And yes I know I'm being a very naughty lurker! But than again I have commented before if you can only figure out who this is! And could you leave a comment back to me, to let me know if you are still reading these comments alll the way down here at the bottom?!

Thank You,

Bethany said...

To the most recent anonymous:
YES!! I am still reading all the comments "way down there," and watching the number climb. I would be absolutely floored if I had a post reach 200...I never would've guessed near that many. :)

DUSTYNNE said...

Floored if you reached 200, eh?! Well, I wouldn't be -- you are more popular than you think, Miss Bethany!!! :D

And I know I've already commented but I figured I'd add one more comment, making it only 16 instead of 17 more until 200.

P.S. Who was the anonymous commenter you replied to? (Rachel, Ruth, Elizabeth, Hannah, Susanna, Alaythia or Charissa?! (I'm guessing it was one of your sisters...)) :D Or no?

Anonymous said...

This is great! I laughed so much. A great idea, Bethany!

(I have -ahem!- three toothbrushes.) The upstairs toothbrush is blue, yellow and white. The downstairs toothbrush is purple and blue-with-glitter, and the wash-bag toothbrush is orange and white. :D

Anonymous said...

Anna R.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!

Thanks so much for replying to my comment! That was so sweet of you! It's been so much fun following this post! And it's great to know that you really are still reading these comments! Maybe I should wait to reveal my idenity until the 200th comment!:)

Love Ya!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

to the last Anonymous:
Just wanted to inform you that you spelt "identity" wrong. You left out the 't' and spelt it 'idenity'.

Maybe that was just another excuse for me to leave another comment.

Yes, it is encouraging that our dear Bethany is reading this comments way down here...but I think I would too if I were her! It only gets more interesting the more there are!!

Well Bethany...if you are surprised, I don't think we are. :) Your blog is great and so encouraging...and see, nobody wants to miss out on any of it, so even if they haven't checked in for over a week, they still read all the posts they miss and make sure to comment on this one. :)

So thank you again! :)
May you be blessed!

Ruth Ann

naomi w. said...

I'm another lurker! I love your blog and am encouraged by what you post. I also love following your family blog too. I'm the oldest daughter in a large family so it's fun to read about the adventures of another big family! :)

Naomi W.
Purple :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Johan said about 15 comments back:
"Also, what is this with using [smile] instead of [grin]? Are you acting like Rachel so that we won’t be able to guess the culprit next time Josiah’s blog is hacked?!!?"
I noticed that new [smile] thing, too, because I am still very observant!
(Yes, that was *me* commenting on that post on Josiah's blog).

So, Bethany, why did you start using [smile] instead of [grin]??

Anonymous said...

WOW! so many comments! :-) met you at the prison crusade in al last year...praying this year will be a blessed one, too!

green & white

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I just thought you might want to know the colors of some other toothbrushes in our house!:)
Mother's: blue & silver
Dad's: blue & white
Bradley's:yellow & white
Hoping for 200,
BTW we will be praying for you all as you begin your next trip tomorrow! The bus is looking very good!!

Emily McDonnell said...

purple and white

Elizabeth said...

Lizzy - Pink & clear w\ soft bristles. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! FIVE COMMENTS AWAY! When I checked to see if you had reached 200 I couldn't beleive you hadn't met the goal yet! I've been following this post all along, and it definately has slowed down towards the end, but don't worry we're definately going to make it, and you should be so very proud of yourself! I think you should get some blog award like most comments on one post ever or something!:) After my comment we'll only have four more to go! Great Job Bethany! May the Lords blessings flood your life with peace, grace, love, and favor!

The Anonymous Lurker!

P.S. When we hit 200 or if I miss it I will reveal my idenity after the 200 mark! Keep checking, for the big surprise!

Lady Ruth Ann said...

Oh yes!!! You're doing great Bethany. :) You have fans all over, and your blog continues to a blessing. I am NOT kidding by any means. Thank you for all the encouraging things you post and focus on our Lord Jesus Christ.

Talk to you later....
Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

What Two More comments away from the daunting 200 comments! WOW!! Talk about a fan club! To much fun! *grin*


Lady Ruth Ann said...

Okay Anonymous:

That is, if you were going to comment on the 200th one. These comments have slowly climbed, and it is now time for Bethany to be "floored."

So thank you Bethany! :) And as your traveling, I wonder when it will be that you will get this exciting news :)

Lady Ruth Ann said...

ooops! I made a mistake in the last comment. I meant "and as you're traveling" and didn't do the contraction for the word 'your'. Sorry! Sometimes my fingers slip.

And, if I hadn't made the mistake, I wouldn't be commenting on the 200th, don't count this one. :)

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