Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Like the flower

Jesus told them: "Don't you be concerned
I will be there at each and every turn
Like the sparrow I'll meet your every need.
To the flower I send the morning rain,
When you need me I will do the same."

In His heart at times He knew I'd be
that sparrow learning how to fly,
that flower reaching for the sky,
growing up underneath His watchful eye --
I'm that sparrow.

I'm that sparrow, watch me fly!
I'm that flower, reaching to the sky --
'cause learning to trust
is all a part of life.

Like the sparrow.

[song lyrics: author unkown]


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I can be the first to write something on your blog. As I wrote the last message about toothbrush colours, you are the other side of the ocean putting a beatiful photo of roses on your blog. What a small world. Great minds think alike :-)

Anonymous said...

They are not roses, they are carnations!! It is certain that sometimes you feel like a little sparrow in a big world. Lord, you ask, what do I do now??. Mmmm... nice thought. Isn't it something to be able to turn to Him for everything?

Tori said...

Those are neat lyrics - and a beautiful picture!! :)

Unknown said...

That is a wonderful post. I like those lyrics. I love the picture to. :)

Ruth Ann said...

I'd love to know that song - it sounds beautiful! (the words do, as I'm sure the music must be!)

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has sang this song in church before. Very good song and applies so much to adults as well as children.