Thursday, October 04, 2007

Caption contest:

When doing photo shoots with an adorable baby, there will invariably be one or two shots that a person cannot pose that are absolutely adorable. I mean, really, you can't tell a baby to do this:

or this:
It's one of those things that just happen!!!

Captions, anyone?!


Anonymous said...

"I can't believe I'm watching this!"

KarenR said...

"Oh mah Ward. Bless her heart!"

Anonymous said...

"If I cover my face, maybe she'll stop snapping pictures of me! Oh dear, maybe not!"

Too sweet!

Kristi said...

Those are precious.


Goldfish said...

Oh my word Bethany, those are adorable. Esp. the second one.

"Bethany, I thought this picture taking thing was over with. How long will it last?! Ahhhh!!!..."


gandelr said...

1. no not the camera again
2.wont she ever stop!

Anonymous said...

2. Does my hair and makeup look alright? =D

A Heart of Praise said...

So cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!
Lovely photos of such a lovely little lady! She's so sweet!!
anyway....just wanted to let you know that I'll be prayin for you tomorrow! I'm sure you will do a beautiful job in honoring & glorifying Him with your photography gifts! And please....can we see LOTS of the pictures???!!!!! I'll be haunting the blog.....oh, and was it YOU that posted that, ahem, "anonymous sister" post on Josiah's blog?!:) I am just DYING of curiosity!!! But I'm pretty sure it was you!! right?? :):)
Hope your day tomorrow is full of fun!! Love ya~ Chels

Margaret Braun said...

That is just too cute! Nice comment Karen(LOL);)

Rachel Marie said...

OH MY WORD, those are cute! :D

(Oh, sorry, no, that's not a caption-phrase; just a comment. ;) :D)

Noelle Otto said...

2. Do you REALLY think I look pretty, Bethany?! Are you sure?!?!

Anonymous said...

Picture #1: "Peek-a-boo!"
Picture #2: "Not the camera again, please!"

Charissa is so adorable and I wonder if she has any idea how blessed she is to have twelve loving siblings.

Lily said...

"Oh my word! Really? Is my hair THAT frizzy?"

;) lol

Anonymous said...

My neck does not seem to be cracking... oh well I'm too young for that anyway!
Kathryn Bender